10 Badass Anime Guys (WANTED: For Their Badass Reputation)

DISCLAIMER: This list is subjective and should not be taken as an official list released from any official anime websites.

Admit it.

When we talk about badass anime characters, we start thinking about heads being cut off, and outrageous physical and mental strength against a usually lame-looking battalion that ends up dead in a matter of seconds.

Badass anime characters are typically seen as evil. They kill without reservations, think steps ahead of the enemy and look so damn good even on their bedroom hair that you can’t just hate them despite their cocky attitudes.

They even have a notable fashion sense, so to speak!

But along their formidable strength and badass reputations come 3 distinct characteristics everyone of them has:


They’ve got glares that could freeze the tropics, intelligence that could shame our geniuses and even presence that smells of murder and destruction.

We call them badass because despite not understanding why they do what they do even if they’re obviously at fault, we can’t help but get drawn to them – like them in some cases in fact. 

So let’s dive in to the world where everything is possible and get to know 10 of the most badass anime characters wanted for their badass reputations!

Spotlight to…

LEVI ACKERMAN (Rivaille Ackerman)Humanity’s strongest, clean-freak corporal 


Height doesn’t matter when it comes to slashing giant Titans.

This is what Captain Levi proves every time he kills one with deadly accuracy and precision.

His skills in handling 3D Maneuver Gear are superb that even the mere act of jumping and turning in the air look so graceful and effortless! And while others struggle with balance and speed, Levi glides through rooftops and cobblestones as easy as pie.

His movements are so calculated and precise that he doesn’t even need to refill his gear’s tank on battle! (and there I was wondering if he’s got a sort of unlimited gasoline supply or something..)

Physical strength that is equal to a batallion, endurance, intelligence and intimidating eyes – He’s a badass!

Size is not an issue. If you’re a titan, you’re dead!

(P.S. And unless you want to be treated like a titan, better take your cleaning seriously. Captain Levi does. Multiplied a hundred times.)

ZARAKI KENPACHI – Spiky-haired, sword-wielding sociopath


You’re doomed when you bump into Kenpachi without a weapon.

Even more doomed when you’re bringing one.

Being the the captain of Gotei 13‘s 11th squad, which is known for its love of battle and bloodshed, Kenpachi perfectly embodies what it means to be ‘hungry of a real good fight’

Great battle is everything for him. Young or old, shinigami or arrancar, he doesn’t mind. As long as he gets to cut and slay something, everything’s good.

He has not achieved his Zanpakuto’s Bankai (just yet) but can equally wield sword with his co-captains and even defeat them! (i.e. Kaname Tousen).

More importantly, he’s not bothered about pain. Give it to him and he’ll only want to kill you more. Now, will fight or flee?

He’s a certified sociopath…but with a nice spiky hair.

MADARA UCHIHA – Battle-loving Master of Deception


The legendary Uchiha clan leader who loves battle above all else. He loves bloodshed even if it’s the sight, smell and taste of his own blood.

He’s got the skills and focus a true fighter who grew up in battle has. Number of enemies don’t intimidate him. In fact, it’s the enemies who get intimidated by his display of raw strength.

He’s a tactician, resorting to all kinds of strategies for the sake of victory. Madara has the potential of becoming a leader, though he’s more on the manipulative type who employs total control to achieve peace.

A goal-oriented,  master strategist who doesn’t mind shedding some blood to get what he wants.

Headstrong Uchiha with an attitude.

RYOMA ECHIZEN – Arrogant, cocky Prince


Who’s more badass than a 12-year old freshman who can bring seniors and pro players to their knees after losing a tennis game in public?

That’s Ryoma Echizen for you. The legendary Nanjiro Echizen’s son with a big mouth. He shows off. A lot. But that’s fine because he’s capable of demolishing everyone.

His trademark single-footed split step has brought him a long way into destroying Japan’s most promising tennis players. What’s more, he doesn’t only defeat them. He COPIES their techniques!

Really….still a boy but already a badass…Mada mada da ne..

ALUCARD – Fancy Bored Immortal


While everyone’s busy fighting for their lives, here’s Alucard ranting about how he wants someone to kill him.

He’s an immortal vampire dressed in a classic Victorian fashion with an exceptional skills in battle. He’s an excellent gunfighter and favors torture, humiliation and agony above quick and painless death.

Anyone who crosses his path, and proves to be an enemy ends up suffering a slow, agonizing death. He’s lived too long to enjoy what life has to offer. He longs to die in the hands of a worthy opponent.

Sadly, no one seems capable enough. Just yet.

AIZEN SOUSUKE – Ambitious backstabbing strategist


Sick-looking, kind and innocent? Think again.

Hinamori’s most admired 5th Division Captain is the exact opposite of what you can qualify as kind. Innocent? Not when he’s authored the deaths of Central 46 members, plotted the perfect plan of his escape for a thousand years and gained access to knowledge even his co-captains were not aware of.

Sick-looking? What about the time when he broke his glasses and brushed his hair back with a hand? And don’t forget the victorious smirk that came with it!

Aizen technically created the Arrancars who turned out to be formidable enemies of Soul Society. He battled against Captain Commander Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto who almost ended up dead.

Aizen Sousuke is the ultimate traitor with a gallant exit. He came back stronger alongside his Arrancars and wrecked havoc to Soul Society and the Human world.

Devious and cunning strategist with a reputation. Badass.

DR. JACKAL AKABANE (Akabane Kuroudo) – Masochistic, Ginji-loving Killer


When it comes to speed and security, Dr. Jackal Akabane is way better than DHL and FedEx combined. (far better) If the job is more dangerous enough, you’ll even be lucky to have his service for free!

He’s the guy with a trademark dress shirt, black tie, fedora hat and suit coat with a polite manner and ever gentle smile.

Dr. Jackal is one of the Transporters who work to escort highly valuable and classified items to a specific location. Their job’s extremely dangerous so the pay is high. But Dr. Jackal works not for the money but for the fun he gets every time they get into a situation – namely, one that requires killing.

His weapon of choice? Scalpels – strategically hidden inside his coat and skin.

Originally a surgeon by profession, he’s very much capable of making a sure kill. One slash on a major artery and you’re dead. Also, he’s a little bit peckish on choosing acquaintances. Beware once he shows you his interest.

It means he wants to kill you. Next.

(P.S. Exactly why the Thunder Emperor Ginji is always on the run)

HISOKA – Calculative Joker


Ever-present smile and carefree attitude. What’s not to love?

Strangely, the description appears more like dangerous than lovable to Hisoka who seemed to have a problem socializing with people (amidst his smiles as seen during the course of the Hunter exam).

He’s calculative and strong. Seemingly unmindful but actually watchful.

A deep personality who’s motivation is unclear. What could be more dangerous than this unreadable existence?

L. LAWLIET – Sweet-loving, genius Inspector


Stealing the limelight away from Kira and his Death Note? How dare he!

Unparalleled wit and intelligence belying his weird look and awesome love for sweets is what makes L an enigmatic character. He solves crimes without being on the scene, commands respect via audio recording and stays true to his fashion despite his subordinates being on suits.

His close-to-psychic ability in seeing through evidence is awesome, pressuring Kira to make drastic actions (this despite having the Death Note).

L’s persistent. He doesn’t back off. Even if it means death. For law offenders, he’s the best living GPS.

BATTOSAIWandering, red-haired Samurai 


 I say Battosai not Kenshin.

Kenshin’s kind and gentle. Battosai’s plain badass. His name commands fear and his presence, means death. Battosai’s the ultimate rogue samurai who kills for money.

Purely business. You pay him, he kills for you. Somebody else pays him to kill you, he will. You can’t have his loyalty, but you can trust your life to him if you pay the right price.

A red-haired samurai who’s absolutely capable with his sword. Perfect bodyguard, worst assassin. Total badass.

There you have it! 10 of the most badassed anime guys who ruled the anime kingdom!

It breaks my heart not to include them, but here:


  • Orochimaru
  • Shigekuni Genryuusai Yamamoto
  • Gin Ichimaru
  • Roy Mustang
  • Zorro
  • Vegeta
  • Spike Spiegel
  • Itachi Uchiha
  • Sebastian Michaelis
  • Wrath (FMA) 

Feel free to add your own list so we can feature them on our next list posts!

17 thoughts on “10 Badass Anime Guys (WANTED: For Their Badass Reputation)”

    1. I know right. Dr. Jackal is a certified badass! Sagara Sanosuke? Of Samurai X? Hmm…Well he might be at some point..Do a list!


  1. Personally, I define the most badass thing as something which leaves everyone, and everything, whole and intact, yet with a clear understanding of who has the upper hand. It’s the ability to defeat your enemy with a single scratch, a whisper, even a glance. The sort with the confidence to speak softly because they’ve got a really big stick, and don’t fear walking through the valley of the shadow of death because they are the biggest badass in the valley.

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