3 Notable Reasons to Watch Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno (PLUS 1!)


Nice plot + Great Cast + Superb Performance = Awesome movie

Kyoto Inferno didn’t fall short of what you’d expect from Kenshin’s comeback against more enemies (read: Shishio and friends)!

For samurai lovers (or Kenshin fans) who’d love a full tank dosage of battles (with sense), gorgeous characters and close-to-the-anime version show, then Kyoto Inferno’s going to be a sweetheart.

But moving on, here are top 3 notable reasons why I think you should go ahead and get yourself a ticket to the theater!

Argue later, for now, let’s start off with:

1. Introduction of more characters (with awesome characterization)

Shishio and Juppongatana’s arrival on the scene is an added factor to what already is an interesting mix of characters we’ve had on the 1st installment.

More enemies spell more trouble. And take note, it’s not just Shishio who’s after our protagonist! Aoshi Shinomori (who’s awesome fighting skills you have to find out yourself) seemed to be an avid fan of our red-haired samurai as well!

But of course, evil can’t just go on running the show, can they? Alongside the emergence of badass antagonists comes the arrival of Kenshin’s new allies – and ninja allies at that.

So now it becomes

  • Kenshin Himura and company
  • More badass antagonists
  • New allies on board 

Add these ingredients and you get an idea of what our recipe for a satisfying movie looks like.

And speaking of antagonists, someone’s just so badass and adorable at the same time that it’s so hard not to include him in our list’s notable ones.

And so….

2. Seta Sojiro (and the combination of his lovable voice and dazzling performance)

While we learned about him being a voice actor during our post about the movie’s cast, seeing him in action graced with his very own captivating voice is an entirely different story.

I’d say that Ryunosuke Kamiki played the role of Seta Sojiro really well. His appeal and character was brought to life real good. For a character created in irony (gentle and innocent-looking face contrasting his love for killing) like Sojiro, it’s difficult to think about someone being able to carry the role well without looking awkward.

Kamiki-san was far from awkward.

He’s gorgeous.

3. More action (and less blabber) 

If you’ve seen the first movie, you must have remembered certain ‘too-much-talk’ moments (i.e. between Kenshin and Kaoru when the latter was held hostage by Udo Jin).

Kyoto Inferno treats us to just the right amount of action plus the “necessary talk”. Credits to the screenplay writers!

Lines are good with a right pinch of humor included from time to time (esp. Sanosuke’s part).

No bland moments!

So, ready to head out for the next show? No?

Well, here’s a fast fact: Tatsuya Fujiwara is on board the cast! (You should know this by now, but well..)

Who’s Tatsuya Fujiwara?

He’s the Shuya Nanahara you know from Battle Royale and the Light Yagami a.k.a KIRA of Death Note! (Because Death Note live action’s popular at least here in Cebu where I’m staying)

So what?

Fujiwara-san = SHISHIO! 

(I imagine your surprised reaction and it makes me happy. But in case you’re not..)

The point here is, if you don’t get to watch Kyoto Inferno, then you’ll most likely less enjoy the whole package brought by the 3rd (and last as far as I know) installment: Rurouni Kenshin: Legend Ends.

It’s like eating a meal minus the appetizer. You’ll get by just fine. But you’ll miss a delectable part of the whole buffet! And why would you?!

You still have your chance so go out! Get a ticket and tag along Kenshin’s journey to Shishio’s lair!






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