Top 8 Doraemon Gadgets You Wish You Had in College


Let’s be honest.

Easy IS NOT a word that best describes college.

College meant higher education, which spells out more projects, assignments, group works, researches, and well, a hell lot of time spent in front of your PC debating whether or not to start googling your assignment or log in to Facebook to check on your friends’ latest selfie.

NO. College isn’t easy. Not at all.

And admit it. There must have been a time when you sat down at a particular class that made you wonder why you’re even there or why the education system is designed the way it is.

Isn’t education best achieved through experience? And isn’t it that experience is best acquired outside and not inside a four-walled classroom which sometimes doesn’t even have proper ventilation?

College isn’t easy. It’s difficult. Heck, it’s even scary!

But if you have Doraemon, college is absolutely a piece of cake.

( Dorae-what?!) Ok, let’s back track a little…

If you have Doraemon –

You know Doraemon, right? That blue robotic cat with an over-sized head? (Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m now in doubt if Doraemon’s really a cat after that earth-shattering news about Hello Kitty NOT being a cat)

You don’t know him ? Okay, take a quick detour and greet him a little ‘Hi’.

So you see, Doraemon’s got those pretty cool gadgets EVERY one of us wish were real. And it’s during those times when exams are coming up and project deadlines were pestering your schedule that you wish you’ve had some of those gadgets at bay.

Ready? Let’s start off with..

1. Memory Bread



Who likes memorizing?

Not me, so the 1st place goes to this gadget. How many times have you struggled in memorizing? How many times have you found yourself wishing to just get over it and get a good night sleep instead? Many times I’d bet.

Enter, memory bread. You just have to press one side of the toast to the page of a book or a text you want to memorize, eat the toast and tadaa!!! You’ve got everything you need to remember on your brain.

I know. It’s lazy. But still…

And the effect’s not permanent by the way. The bread loses its effect ones you expel it out of your body.

2. Dress Up Camera


Parties there, gatherings here….tons of outdoor activities that may require you an entire wardrobe to get through the day.

Even if you have the money to go on a shopping spree (which I don’t recommend), you might lack the time to spare looking for the attire that you like and can-afford without looking awkward.

Dress Up Camera is your answer! It’s simpler and cheaper. You just cut out a picture of a clothing you want to wear from a magazine (or your paper doll collection if any), and place it inside the camera.

Take a selfie of yourself and tadaa! You just got an additional clothing on your wardrobe!

You get to wear  designers clothes without spending. (How is that for the fashion industry?)

3. ‘Anywhere’ Door


A door that literally brings you anywhere. No passports, no delayed flights and no traffic! Convenient isn’t it?

No more boring summer breaks. No more ‘stay-indoor’ moments during winter breaks. If you want a once in a lifetime adventure at the Safari or a daredevil venture to the Atlantic, you’ll have it.

You don’t even need to be with NASA to visit Mars!

Just say where you want to go and open the Anywhere Door. In a snap of a finger, you’re there.

Saves you money. And time. Such a treat.

4. Doraemon’s Time Machine


I love history. But even I would admit that it’s sometimes boring. So just imagine how great it would be to actually be on the very place where history happened!

Cool! You even get to talk one on one with the person whom you only know in books!

How’s the idea of writing Da Vinci’s memoirs sound?

5. Scheduler Clock



You think your organizer apps on your smartphones does you wonders? Really?

How many times have you successfully followed the schedules you’ve programmed in there? Great if you tricked your brain into strictly following it.

But I’d bet that most of the times, you end up rescheduling your initial schedule because after all…‘I still have time.’ 

Doraemon’s scheduler clock beats all apps of its kind in the market. It doesn’t only record your scheduled activity for the day. It actually forces you to do it on that day. No excuses. No procrastination. Efficient.

6. Camping Hat


Group projects that require you to pull out an all-nighter with your friends, thesis, researches and of course that typical Saturday night getaway with pals.

These are all part of what we call ‘college life’. And how great would it be to have something handy that provides you with automatic board and lodging anytime, anywhere? No expenses paid.

Camping hat can transform into a complete camp with 5 rooms inside. Perfect for group works!

7. Buggy


One thing is for certain. If you wake up at least 15 minutes before class, regardless of how far you live, you’ll not be late.

(Yes! More sleep!)

Buggy is a car/robot that runs at a speed of 800 km/hour. Worried about traffic? Don’t be. Buggy can run underwater. So unless you live in a desert or a place miles away from a body of water, you’ll be fine!

8. Special Purse


Everyone will want this. I’m sure of it.

Special purse looks like an ordinary purse that allows you to pick up anything from anywhere. Left your homework at home? Special purse’s got it all covered.

Actually, why don’t you just leave everything at home and bring the purse with you. You can just get your things anytime you need it anyway.

Very convenient.

Love the gadgets, don’t you? I do. But we can’t have them. They don’t exist (or maybe they can in the future).

Besides, even if they’re really convenient to carry around, there are certain drawbacks in having them. For one, it encourages laziness, and then there’s the issue of too much dependence.

The list can go on as to why Doraemon’s gadgets CAN’T be real – some are scientific some plain obvious -which I’ll be introducing on my next post so you better be in touch.

For now though, let’s satisfy our fantasies with Doraemon’s gadgets above. Wishing is free!

Know any other gadgets on Doraemon’s 4D pocket you would’ve wanted to have in college? Share them with us on the comments!




9 thoughts on “Top 8 Doraemon Gadgets You Wish You Had in College”

      1. I know, right? I don’t mind if it beats me up, as long as it forces me to do the things that I really need to do. But I hope it doesn’t beat me up so badly that it leaves me half-dead. That would be frightening!


      2. I think that’s the reason why that gadget SHOULD NOT be created in the first place. If it becomes a threat to your life then it’s illegal. And since a lot of people are likely to procrastinate..well..they’ll get hurt eventually. haha!


      3. It’s like one of those shows where your inventions go crazy and starts trying to control you. That’s a scary thought. But I still want it, if it becomes commercially available. Maybe change the consequence from beating me up to maybe, hmmm, cutting the internet or taking my electronic devices or something.


      4. Yeah…if someone can program the device like that it’ll be great. And the scheduler clock has to be ultimately durable. (Just in case someone decides to destroy or burn it or throw it..)


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