7 Memorable Anime Lines (That Make Sense in Real Life)

A great anime has great characters.

And great characters have great lines.

It’s what makes them alive. In fact we like (or love) anime characters largely because of how and what they say.

‘Oh no! I like him because of his looks!’ you may argue.

Oh yes. Looks may matter. But the ideals, and attitude of an anime character are the very essence of what makes him or her stand out among the others.

And how do we get a hold of these ideals, and attitude?

Through the words that they say

Think about this; When was the last time you were struck by a particular nice character line that made you stop and literally think? What was in that line that made you think about it?

I know you have one in mind and it’ll be great if you can share it with us on the comments later.

For now, here are 7 of my most favorite anime lines which make a lot of sense in real life. Find out if they make some sense to you as well!










Watching anime is a means of entertainment. But it has proven to be inspiring and thought-provoking in a lot of ways as well.

So…going back to my earlier question, what was that line so unforgettable that you can’t help but keep it in mind?

Share them on our comments! (And yes, you can include photos if you want to!)


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