Anime Review: LOVE STAGE [Warning: BL alert! Don’t read if you don’t like!]

Written by: Eiki Eiki

Illustrated by: Taishi Zao

Published by: Kadokawa Shoten

Original Run: July 9, 20174 – September 10, 2014

No. of Episodes: 10


He had the looks of a real star. He had parents and a brother who are on top of their careers in the show business industry. He is young and vibrant looking. Everyone in the family sees his potential to become the next big star.

Yet Izumi Sena is anything BUT a star. He is shy, introverted, and a hardcore otaku ‘with zero people skills’. More importantly, he dreams to become a mangaka (manga artist). Nothing more.

But with a bridal magazine company asking the entire family to once again join together to shoot a wedding commercial, Izumi was reunited with an acquaintance from ten years ago.

The thing is, this acquaintance, who happens to be the gorgeous, heartthrob of showbiz Ichijou Ryouma, thinks he’s a girl…..and confesses his love for him.


Love Stage is about a guy who loves a girl who turned out to be a guy.

Okay, rephrase.

It’s about Izumi Sena (an aspiring mangaka minus the talent) and Ichijou Ryoma (a handsome and talented actor with an attitude) and their complicated situation namely, being guys…and in love…with each other…

It’s easy to bring out a comparison between this story and that of the other more popular anime on its genre like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi in this review.

But I won’t.

Rather, I’d like to focus on 3 reasons why BL fans should definitely watch Love Stage before 2014 ends. Actually, I recommend you (who’s a fan, I’d assume) to watch it right after reading this post.

1st: It’s not just about love (I swear)

2nd: It has likable characters (not just physically…or graphically)

3rd: It’s short and clear (10 awesome episodes)

It came as a brilliant surprise when love isn’t the first thing that is emphasized on the first episode. In fact there’s only this slightest hint that a love story can evolve. (Because you see, a lot of yaoi begins with some kind of a memory of a past love, a rejected confession….and yes, bed scenes…early in the morning…)

Somewhere in this world, there is a door that leads to my dreams. I don’t know where that door is. I may not find it in my entire life. And even if I do find it, it may be locked to me….[Izumi Sena]

It’s about Izumi’s passion to his dream. His love for what he does regardless if others (read: entire family) isn’t that very supportive about it. A form of struggle is already there. And I can’t help but sit down and root for Izumi to keep going.

Then of course the characters. I’ve always believed that a good story without great characters is not really good. Just imagine our favorite mainstream anime without those badass characters to ruin the great sunny days enjoyed by our protagonists.

The characters

Izumi is likable (though I think he went too aggressive an episode or two towards the ending). And I’m not just saying this because we’re both otakus. He knows what he wants to do. He has a dream, and he’s working for it, real hard. He doesn’t care about what others think, or his family thinks. He’s shy but is headstrong.

And honestly, how can you not root for that character?

As to the rest of the cast…..likable!

Lastly, the story is short and clear. I understand that we’ve got a lot of anime series on our plates right now so watching this ten-episode anime is such a treat. It’s like a short break from the hundreds of episodes we enjoyed in the soon-to-end series, Naruto.

Verdict: It’s a lovely, inspiring and totally worth it yaoi anime series.

So BL lovers? You know what to do.

Done watching? Let’s talk about it on the comments.


3 thoughts on “Anime Review: LOVE STAGE [Warning: BL alert! Don’t read if you don’t like!]”

  1. My pillow has visable dents left in it from all the hugs i was giving it during this show. It is just addorable and i would put it easily in my top three list.


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