Anime Review: Tokyo Ravens (Not Bad…)

Anime written by: Hideyuki Kurata Original Run: October 8, 2013 - March 25, 2014 No. of episodes: 24
Anime written by: Hideyuki Kurata
Original Run: October 8, 2013 – March 25, 2014
No. of episodes: 24


The story follows the lives of Omyou students, who possess unique abilities in summoning spirits and controlling shikigamis (familiar). They are gathered and trained inside an educational institution run by the followers of the legendary Yakou Tsuchimikado, who is said to have created the greatest spells of all times including the forbidden Taizan Fukun Ritual which is geared to reincarnating the dead.

Yakou performed the said ritual in order to reincarnate himself in the present life. Though not proven, it was believed that his spirit now resides in the heir of the Tsuchimikado family, Natsume.

There is one problem though. Natsume is a girl. And everyone knows that the next Tsuchimikado head is a male.


If you like the master – shikigami dynamic, then this will be a good pick. Here are some of …

The Good Points

Characters. I like the variety of characters present in this anime. They’re fun to look at and have good sense of humor.

charactersNatsume and Harutora Tsuchimikado are great complements for each other. We have Natsume, who is the hardworking and skilled heir of the Tsuchimikado family and Harutora, her shikigami who is said to have been born from a branch family and has not been showing any signs of awesome spell-casting skills to match his master. (Not until the revelations on the later episodes.)

The supporting characters are also an interesting mix. We have the half ogre Touji, the prodigy Suzuka, the noble Kyouko and the humble Tenma who can all take care of themselves but are great in combat when together.

ohtomoinOhtomo-sensei is also a must-watch. I won’t spill so much information about him except that he’s a homeroom teacher who wears glasses, looks gorgeous in a cane and is very powerful. Watch him to see what I’m talking about.

Fighting Scenes. I’ve always been a fan of fighting scenes that involves a lot of awesome displays of skill combinations and techniques. Tokyo Ravens did not fail to provide a great treat of battles.

Graphics. Decent and nicely colored.

Story. There was not any heavy conflict in the story. Still the idea of placing friendship, romance and spells in one is a nice treat.

The Not so Good Points

villainsVillains. Aside from Doman Ashiya, I don’t think there is a more notable villain in the entire series. In fact, I’d say that the best battle was between Ohtomo-sensei and Doman and not between Natsume and the rest of the antagonists.

They did offer some good scenes to watch, but they are not just strong or dedicated enough to actually make use consider them as a good match for the the protagonists and his friends.

But of course, the end of the story left us with a good set of villains in the person of the Souma priestess and her shikigamis. We can only hope to have a greater show from them in the next season. (if any).


In a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, Tokyo Ravens is a 7! (The last episode spilled out several good points that will definitely give season 2, if any, a great start! Can’t wait!)

tokyoravens-lastWhat do you think about this anime? Throw in your thoughts!


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