Otaku Hour Every Saturdays at 105.1 FM!

“That moment when a friend tells you to tune in to a station and Junjou na Kanjou of Samurai X starts playing….”

Current cover photo of Oomph radio's official Facebook page
Current cover photo of Oomph radio’s official Facebook page

That was January 10, 2015 (Saturday). You can just imagine my surprise upon hearing a local radio station (Cebu, Philippines) airing a Japanese song at 10 in the evening! I mean it’s not like it’s a totally impossible scenario.

But it was certainly my first time hearing a station airing anime songs one after another! So I did what any solid anime fan would do. I listened. And mind you, the segment did not only last for an hour. I had my earphones on until 11 and Yuzerenai Negai of Magic Knights Rayearth is still up.

I’m quite not sure about the exact time it ended (according to a friend it was around 2 a.m.), but here are some of the facts I’ve learned in an hour of tuning in to that station:

  • 105.1 Oomph Radio is the official name of the station. Here is their official Facebook page.
  • The name of the segment is Otaku Hour but while it’s supposed to be just an hour-long program I clearly heard the DJ saying that he’ll run the segment until the end of his shift which is 2 a.m. (and that he can run it until 3 or 4 a.m. if we want to – indirect quote)
  • Speaking of the DJ, he calls himself DJ Ru and he’s a cosplayer.
  • We can send in song requests by their official Facebook page or through their mobile number: 09329473680
  • They have their playlist and if you request a song which is not yet included in it, you may have to wait for the next segment (read: next Saturday) to hear it.
  • The program ONLY plays ANIME SONGS. Not just any Japanese songs.
  • Sending of greetings to friends is also welcome apart from song requests.

I missed the January 17th segment so I’m not sure if they shortened the airing period to an hour as what a post says. Who tuned in to their latest segment? Please drop some comments below so others will know as well! Sore ja!



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