Anime Review: Tokyo ESP (Diving in to the World of Espers)

(Manga written by: Hajime Segawa Anime written by: Hideyuki Kurata Original run: July 11,2014 - September 26, 2014 No. of episodes: 12)
(Manga written by: Hajime Segawa
Anime written by: Hideyuki Kurata
Original run: July 11,2014 – September 26, 2014
No. of episodes: 12)


Tokyo ESP begins at a Christmas Eve in Tokyo, where a group of  Espers, people with superhuman abilities took over the government’s Parliament House and thereafter declaring how the world will now be ruled by their kind.

Random bombings around the city, cabinet members killed in cold blood, innocent civilians taken as hostages and trapped on buildings – all of these in a matter of minutes.

With an obvious difference between the combat abilities of the entire Japan police force, everyone is left with nothing but the hope that somehow, the White Girl will appear….and once again save them from the sure demise.


For a 12 episode anime series, it managed to hook me up to the very end and so I’d like to summarize

The Good Points

into 3 things:

  • Graphics – well drawn, with nice color combinations, fitting to everyone’s character

  • Story – its quick and focused

  • Characters – cool variation, with each, having a story to tell


GRAPHICS. This is one of those kinds of animes that initially outstand because of their good graphics. You don’t even need to read the synopsis to decide whether you like it or not. There are good looking guys and gorgeous gals and that’s it – you just want to know more about who they are.

..and before you know it, you’re hooked.

STORY. The story is extraordinary in the sense that we are talking about espers, people who have extraordinary abilities much beyond normal. They can throw huge trucks in the air like a piece of cake and heck, one can even turn Japan’s Parliament House into a floating mansion.

So yes, they’re out of the ordinary. The story however, isn’t. If you’re an avid anime fan, you must agree that out-of-this-world type of physical strength and mental abilities is not a new cuisine.

Talk about awesome deduction skills and high tech abilities and you have Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. You can talk about super human (or non human strength) and you can go for animes like Tokyo Ghoul.

But I like the story because of two things: It’s quick and focused.

minamiOn its 12 episodes we are treated to the ups and downs of the characters and even the back stories of some antagonists. It’s clear and it doesn’t waste time. Every episode counts, and each of them ended with something to look forward to on the next episode, so you can just see why it’s easy to get hooked.

Even if you think about stopping at this episode, you are treated to a hanging ending that leaves you asking the famous, ‘And then what?’ question. And so you go on and on and on…

..and then you’re on the 12th. And then again it leaves you with something more to crave. Talk about strategy.

CHARACTERS. We’ve got a real cocktail of characters on board this anime, and they’re beautiful. We have the lovely and headstrong Rinka Urushiba, the gentle, optimist Kyotaro Azuma, the boxer Black Fist, outspoken Ayumu Oozora and the yakuza daughter, Murasaki Edoyama. Of course, we have the mysterious, little penguin Peggy on board!

Put all of these guys in one team and you get a great combo of high powered, gorgeous-looking espers intent on protecting Tokyo against the Professor and the evil ones. (Now I wonder about those last guys on the 12th episode)

Now if there are good points, it’s only normal to have

The Not so Good Points


But other than the fact that there were no super badass villains aside from the Professor and (……..), I can’t think of other things that make this anime bad.

It’s a decent watch. Not a must-watch but generally worth the time.

And so..

RATINGS: In a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, Tokyo ESP is a glamorous 6!


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