Top 10 Naruto Characters Too Awesome to Forget (PART 1!)

(NOTE: This is the PART 1 version of the two-part list post we have on the most awesome Naruto characters.)

Naruto’s manga series has already ended on November 10, 2014 and its anime adaptation is now closing to an end running its 398th episode on Crunchyroll and other anime free online streaming sites.

For the past 15 years, the series has graced us with some roller coaster rides of emotions and a lot of thought-provoking revelations bordering from expected to shocking. With millions of sales from its manga, anime, movies, games, musical and other adaptations, it’s apparent how the series managed to gather a solid fanbase not only in Japan but in the whole world.

It also received several awards like the Best Full-length Animation Program Award in the 3rd UStv Awards held in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines.

As Naruto finally bids us goodbye with its final movie, The Last: Naruto the Movie which aired in Japan theaters on December 6, 2014, might as well, have a throwback on the top 10 most unforgettable characters we’ve had on the entire series.

Take a look at Japan Talks’ list and be ready with your own.

ITACHI UCHIHA (Konoha’s Hidden Pride)


Itachi is a pack of contradictions. He’s cold and also hot; kind and merciless; secretive and open minded. He’s thoughts are unreadable, but predictable if you’re aware of his goals.

But more than that we can give him credits for the gorgeous looks sharp mind, he’s more importantly that infamous S-rank, rogue ninja of Konoha who slaughtered his entire clan excluding his brother and whose name alone commands fear along with his genius considered as top of its league.

He was a prodigy among prodigies. And you know we’re not exaggerating when even these guys agree by saying something like:

“At the age of 7, his mentality was like of Hokage’s, not bounded by his clan, respected and learned the teachings of the previous generations.” – Third Hokage

I’m dead if Itachi knows about me.” – Tobi

“He’s on a different level.” – Kabuto

Itachi’s difficult, if not impossible, to forget because of all the things he set into motion. He was the fuel to Sasuke’s continuous pursuit for more power, the reason behind Orochimaru’s joining and leaving the Akatsuki only to get in contact with the younger Uchiha.

Plus, he stopped Kabuto’s Edo Tensei, which was a real headache to all the shinobis fighting on the 4th Great Ninja War – this even while he was reanimated himself. He could be the strongest Uchiha his clan has given birth to and the Hokage Konoha never had.

"I will always love you."
“I will always love you.”

Never mind his utmost display of humility when at the end, just before he bid Sasuke his final goodbye, he admitted the mistakes he made and how things would’ve been different had he not shouldered everything on his own and put a little trust to his younger brother.

He never took credits for the great things he did and the heartbreaking sacrifices he was obliged to swallow, nor did he aspire for any recognition. Itachi died protecting Konoha, and for him, that’s all that matters.

Intelligence, physical skills, wisdom, genjutsu prowess and more importantly, a big heart that cares for the welfare of the entire village – We all have to give it to Itachi. He’s straight up epic. Isn’t he?

MINATO NAMIKAZE (Yellow Flash Yondaime)


Who says that the guy who,

  • Sealed Kyuubi (Kurama) to Naruto

  • Mastered Transportation jutsu like no other in the whole shinobi history

  • Married the gorgeous, red haired Uzumaki legacy, Kushina

  • Became Konoha’s 4th Hokage and fathered the 7th 

  • Was Kakashi’s teacher and Jiraiya’s student not badass?

He is badass. His reputation as Konoha’s Yellow Flash brings terror to shinobis from different villages. But contrast to his fearsome reputation in combat is a kind heart that desires to protect the whole village and his comrade in arms.

Minato’s appearances on the entire series are minimal, but his limited airtime impacted the succeeding episodes and introduced us to a very good background story, climaxing to the sealing of Kyuubi inside Naruto, and his death alongside Kushina.

Though there wasn’t so much show about it, we know that Minato’s a talented ninjutsu user as well. Otherwise, the 3rd Hokage wouldn’t have entrusted the entire village to him.

Plus, it’s not really easy to forget the father of the main character of the main series. Not if he’s a real talent with good looks.

NAGATO/PAIN UZUMAKI (Pained, Idealistic Disciple)


In a story packed with action and battle against villains who seek destruction and domination, it’s quite rare to see someone who devotes his entirety to an ideal and still manage to lead a team of bloodthirsty, high ranking criminals and place all of them under his command.

Nagato perfectly brings out this character. He is the epitome of a youth full of idealism, but someone who is easily swayed by passionate persuasion. His idea of attaining peace by inflicting pain on people may sound distorted.

But looking at the pain he endured in the past, we can see what brought him to side with Obito and Madara. His goal to attain peace was sublime. There isn’t any question to that. It’s just that, he existed in an era when finding a better means to achieve it just isn’t that possible – at least at his age.

He has the power, but not the will to use it. He’s got an ideal, but remained confused on how to achieve it, and a leader (Yahiko), who was taken away from him.

While we have witnessed just how passionate he has become in making people feel the pain, and just how powerful his Rinnegan is, enough to kill Jiraiya, there’s something about Nagato that makes him the kind guy in the end.

And in fact in the end, he did one great thing that alleviated a lot of pain – saving the lives of Konoha residents after destroying the entire village.

It’s Nagato’s story that tells us that in the end, kindness can reign over an evil intent…and it’s never too late to start – and trust again.

KAKASHI HATAKE (Hot, Copy ninja –sensei)


Fine. Kakashi’s good-looking. And the fact that he’s always wearing that mask to hide half of his face isn’t helping. No, not at all. It’s only adding to the mystery, and mystery is interesting.

But Kakashi-sensei definitely has something more up his sleeve than just his fabulous fashion. He’s got solid credentials stating:

  • Graduate at the Academy at 5, promoted to Chunin at 6, became ANBU/Jonin at 13.
  • Stellar student of the 4th Hokage, Minato who was a student of the legendary Sannin, Jiraiya (talk about a generation of talents)

  • Chidori inventor at a very young age.

  • Copied approximately 1000 (or more) jutsus (that even the entire series didn’t manage to show it all)

  • Can control jutsus from all the 5 elements (such a rare case even among prodigies)

and the list of this guy’s glory can go on.

Kakashi-sensei is unforgettable because of the role that he played on the entire Naruto series. From the time Team 7 started out as gengin, up to the 4th Great Ninja War, Kakashi has always been on his students’ side, and it’s easy to see just how much he cares for them.

And frankly, he’s someone who gives out some of the best fights on the series. His ninjutsu many not be of the best caliber and his sharinggan obviously pales against Itachi’s or Sasuke’s. But for someone who’s not an Uchiha, he did an excellent job using it as his own.

He’s a well-rounded character who got over all of his losses, from the death of his father to his teammates, and ended up being the kind teacher a lot of us wished to have (right?)

And we’ve seen him beaten up for as many times as we can remember……and still looked good anyway.

Enough said.

SASUKE UCHIHA (Vengeful Otouto)


Sasuke’s character is a story of evolution. He started out as the cool, aloof kid who has some exceptional skills in combat. He gained our sympathy when we learned about the demise that fell down on his clan. 

He was then our avenger. Sasuke started out with one goal in mind – to kill his brother Itachi who massacred their family. And as he sought for more power, we are treated to the darker side of human nature which is the desire to do anything just to gain something even if that thing requires sacrifice and betrayal.

Sasuke’s difficult to forget because aside from the fact that Naruto claimed him as his rival, he is also a dominant character on the entire series.

Plus, he was taken in by Orochimaru, who has already established his notoriety across the shinobi world and has done enough damage to merit him being considered as a wanted, high class, criminal. 

But most unforgettable of all, he did succeed in his goal. And Itachi’s death is something not just anyone can forget.

Most of Sasuke’s action has been largely motivated by anger, and at Shippuden, he seemed like an entirely different Sasuke that we come to admire when he was still a kid. He had grown so much in power, skills and knowledge.

But even after his brother’s death and the truth that was revealed to him, Sasuke remained cold…and still set on getting things done his own way. Well, talk about conviction.

Now you’ve met the first five most awesome Naruto characters we have on the entire series! Keep updated for the rest of them on the Top 10 Naruto Characters Too Awesome to Forget (PART 2!) which shall be up few days from now. 

Is anyone among the 5 guys we have above included on your own list? Shout out your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Naruto Characters Too Awesome to Forget (PART 1!)”

  1. I am hoping to read Guy sensei’s review. Though he might just be plain and just a ‘support’ character, he’s one of the jounin (and a sensei too) who’s feat was unexpectedly shown in the battle against Madara. P.S. he even survived >:,)
    There are others like Shino Aburame, Neji Hyuuga, Hinata Hyuuga (died for Naruto during the battle with Pain), Sai (and his espionage twists in the earlier EPs of Shippuden), and Danzo (the die-hard defender of Konoha).
    Awesome post Venus. :,)


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