Anime Review: Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (Valentines Treat)

(Manga written by: Ayuko Hatta Anime written by: Sawako Hirabayashi Original run: October 5,2014 - December 21, 2014 No. of episodes: 12)
(Manga written by: Ayuko Hatta
Anime written by: Sawako Hirabayashi
Original run: October 5,2014 – December 21, 2014
No. of episodes: 12)


In her desire to start her high school year right and have good friends on the first day of school, Erika Shinohara ended up introducing to her ‘new found friends’, a complete stranger as his boyfriend.

Little did she know that the guy, Sata Kyoya, enters the same school as she does and is on the same year level. Worse, Sata is known as the Prince of their campus and is known to a lot of women because of his exceptionally good looks.

In a complicated twist of fate, Kyoya agreed to pretend as Erika’s boyfriend – on one condition – that Erika acts as his dog, obeying everything that he demands.


It wasn’t on my schedule to watch this anime, given that I already have a ‘To Watch’ list. But since it’s Valentines, I decided to move this up and enjoy a short treat of light, comedy romance.

Beautiful Graphics (Thumbs Up!)


I have to give it to Ookami Shoujo. The graphics is great.

Well defined features, attractive, just with the right shade of color complementing the characters’ varied personalities. Very good! Kudos, Hatta Ayuko-san!

Consistent & Easy-to-Follow Storytelling (Thumbs Up!)

For a 12 episode series, you would naturally expect something along the lines of simple and easy-to-follow story that leaves us either with a satisfying ending, or a pre-taste to a 2nd season.

Ookami Shoujo treats us to a light story that ended up with something I’d describe as a ‘fitting’ finale. It’s not hanging and is fairly satisfying – that type of ending that deserves a nod of approval from the viewers for a worthy watch.


The story is also consistent – with Erika always trying to get Kyoya to do things she expects lovers to do, and Kyoya, being so obvious in shunning off those ideas, which he considers as a ‘pain’ and ‘nonsense’.

They were never out of character on the entire series, and this speaks a lot of their identity as the protagonists.

Clichéd Story with Fascinating Characters (Okay desu!)

Once upon a time, a girl likes a boy who turned out to be a sadistic bastard, who makes girl as an errand buddy in exchange for pretending to be her girlfriend…



The girl likes boy dynamic is nothing new. It has been used for a lot of stories not only limited to anime. And we’ve seen a lot of stories involving a girl who has this epic crush on a cool, popular guy in campus like the anime Ao Haru Ride.

So no, the plot of this anime isn’t original at all. In fact, you could almost predict the next thing that would likely happen.

The characters are also not that unique. Sata is that resident good-looking guy, who is capable of melting the hearts of every lady at school (thankfully, we don’t have such guys in real life), and Erika, that typical gal who’s among those flood of ladies craving for Sata’s attention – and recognition.

But despite being this clichéd, it’s still lovely. Cute even. So, it’s an okay story all in all.

Undeveloped Characters on the Sideline (Thumbs Down!)

Here’s what I don’t like so much on this anime – the sideline characters aren’t given the attention they deserved.


Yes, it’s short and the main cast deserves more focus. But the thing is, they have good supporting characters on board. San, Marin, Tezuka, Takeru, Kusakabe, and Kamiya have their own story to tell and have pretty strong characteristics to begin with.

But we are left with some thoughts on what would it be like if they all start to be connected.

Aside from their minimal appearances, they seem to be acting independently on the whole story, which could be one reason why we can’t sympathize with them so much.

They could’ve been more connected than how they were presented. But then again, writer’s prerogative.

Chasing-the-Black-Prince Theme (Thumbs Down!)

If there’s something very clear on this anime, it would be the fact that Erika, is always on the run to catch Sata – who remained over confident up until the end.


As soon as our female hero realized her feelings to the prince, she immediately went on a rampage and made it her life’s mission to impress Kyoya – at all cost, which is by the way, another cliché.

I wouldn’t even go as far as saying that it’s a struggle. It’s more like her own way of making herself busy. Plus, it’s quite not appealing to find out in the middle of the story how Erika just doesn’t learn.

She does everything, boy doesn’t care, she decides to move on, finds out it’s very difficult,…and with just a kiss, she went back melting to Kuro Ouji’s arms.

Tell me how this isn’t a piss off.


Conclusion: For those who fancy an uncomplicated love story, with good graphics and funny episodes, this anime might just be right for you. But if you’re looking for an original no nonsense story, you are better off looking somewhere else.

Rating: In a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji is a lovely 6!


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