Anime Review: CANAAN (It’s Raining Bullets!)

(Anime written by: Mari Okada Directed by: Masahiro Ando Original run: July 4, 2009 - September 26, 2009 No. of episodes: 13 Genre: action, drama, mystery, psychological)
(Anime written by: Mari Okada
Directed by: Masahiro Ando
Original run: July 4, 2009 – September 26, 2009
No. of episodes: 13
Genre: action, drama, mystery, psychological)


Set to cover the International Anti-Terrorist Conference in  Shanghai, gossip journalist Minoru Minorikawa, alongside the amateur photographer-slash-bio weapon-attack survivor, Mari Osawa, flew to the city to find a great story that would land them a major place in the national paper.

Everything is set. Then the unexpected happen – series of strange deaths among some people who are participating the ongoing festival in the city.

What started as unexpected turned deadly when Maria reunited with a longtime friend who happened to be a skilled (exceptionally skilled) combatant, who dragged her away from the death scenes.

Chase starts to happen. And what they intended to be a simple, formal coverage along with other reporters in the city has now becomes a battle of survival.


So here’s how it all started:

  • A jovial festival in Shanghai.
  • Anti-terrorism gathering by the world’s leaders.
  • Deadly biological weapon on the loose.
  • Veteran gossip journalist with an amateur lady photographer off to finding a breakthrough scoop inside the city.

Each have their own story to tell. Only thing is, they are all in the same page. And with the 1st episode treating you to an awesome display of gunfight with a badass woman doing all of the moves…you know you’re up to something.



You have to give it to the artists. Canaan has a great character design with awesome animation. And for a story centering on female main protagonist and antagonist, giving them that epic touch of elegance and deadly appeal, as they go on firing those high caliber ammunition is just plain awesome. 

They’re hot and they’re deadly. The rest, you’re going to have to watch it yourself.


I like conspiracy stories, and  basically anything that revolves around it namely terrorism, guns, politicians, rebels, researches….and so on.

Great thing is, Canaan captured all of them into one. Plus a bonus! – with women being the focus of the story (I’d say this is really a good twist). The premise of the series sounded complicated, which is why I doubted whether its 13 episodes are capable of presenting as much.


But it did! It isn’t the sort of presentation you would expect from a long running series, but nevertheless, it managed to draw out a clear picture of the cause and effect, helping us connect the dots along the way. 

The strong momentum it had on the first episodes might have ebbed along the later parts, with lesser gun fights and more story telling, BUT that was ultimately fine. Each part has its own purpose and story to present (so if I’m you, don’t ever skip one!).



They’re the epic definition of rivalry. They both have the strength, the beauty, connection and motivation to fight to death if need be. 

Watching them gives you this kind of shiver brought by excitement (and maybe fear) knowing that when one of them strikes, the other immediately retaliates. And the retaliation is something that can’t be underestimated.

Because you see:

Canaan is a prodigy. She’s what the anime calls as synesthesist, someone capable of maximizing the use of all the senses. This way, she’s able to see colors in sound and form shapes based on smell. She can also associate colors with thoughts or sentiments allowing her to determine an enemy from a friend. On top of this, she’s a combatant, stronger than an elite commandos. 

Alphard on the other hand is the cool, feared leader of the terrorist group Snakes, whose combat skills rivaled that of Canaan. She doesn’t have synesthesia, but can knock everybody out just as much. Plus, she’s got the money. A lot of it.


They’re a match. ‘Exciting’ is an understatement to describe their encounters. I’d rather go for ‘fatal’.


The end didn’t disappoint me. Yes, there were questions left unanswered, secrets yet to be revealed, and battles that are yet to see some closure.

But isn’t that the point of a psychological -slash – conspiracy story? It leaves you to speculate, to think what could have been and what could possibly come after. The ending will give you the chance to exercise your skills in observation based on the facts laid out on the series. If you’re mindful enough, you’ll see some loopholes and issues that need to be settled.

I’d say the ending was fitting. Besides, it settled the issue that started it all off on the first episode.

Canaan has ended. As to whether or not it will have a sequel is something we should leave to the minds of the creative team.

RATING: In a scale of 1 to 10, with 10  being the highest, Canaan is and action-packed 9!


Watched the anime? How was it? Drop down your ratings!


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