Re: Hamatora (What an Ending…)

(Written by: Jun Kumagi Directed by: Seiji Kishi, Hiroshi Kimura Original run: January 7, 2014 - March 25, 2014 No. of episodes: 12 Genre: action, mystery supernatural)
(Written by: Jun Kumagi
Directed by: Seiji Kishi, Hiroshi Kimura
Original run: January 7, 2014 – March 25, 2014
No. of episodes: 12
Genre: action, mystery supernatural)


Moral is dead. The riot which he orchestrated three months ago has finally died down. Public opinion is divided between those who are totally against Minimum holders and those which are not at all bothered by their existence.

Art, who is presumed dead now comes back, off to stealing away the Minimums, and using it as his own to get the others.

With a secretive Saikyou funding his advocacy, and the emergence of Freemums (Minimum holders who refuse to be trained and groomed inside Facultas Academy), Hamatora, and the rest of the team is off to stopping Art, and to somehow shed some light on what he is really after.


Hamatora’s 1st season is a cliffhanger. And if you’ve watched its ending, you surely felt more curious about what just happened and how Art managed to sneak behind Moral and Nice’s back and kill the latter.

After all, wasn’t Art dead?


Seasons one’s ending and season two proved it wrong. With Moral completely out of the picture (too bad since he’s quite a formidable foe), Art now has the spotlight to himself. 

NICE’S COMEBACK (Okay desu!)


‘Nice is alive?!’

I know, I have the same question. And the answer is yes. He’s alive. And he kicks foes better than the first season. But while this is a good news to his friends (and to his fans), I wouldn’t say it’s an exciting twist. 

Yes  it’s good to know that we can still see a lot of his sonic powers and his background story. But his comeback somehow killed a part of the suspense that season 1 brought us. We were left clawing for answers, and they started off treating us with an ‘okay-so-he-is-alive’ scenario.

It wasn’t bad. But it’s not something to be celebrated as well.

SAIKYOU & FRIENDS (Okay desu!)


Somehow, the antagonists or those on the opposing side of the second season makes me wish for Moral’s revival. The villains are okay. They have the power and money, reputation and people, and of course a decent motivation.

We have Saikyou, the super rich (billionaire) lass, who is bored with life and just wants to find something, anything that can provide her with entertainment. And the Freemums, who have cool powers on their end, but somehow lacked the money and the influence enough to make a good bargain with Facultas Academy and the government. Put them in a single boat, and you’ve got a decent enemy.

They are an okay bunch of enemies. Enough to make you recognize the threat that they can provide, but not convincing enough to make you feel the danger.



One thing that I can’t get myself to sympathize in this story is Art. I like Art. In fact he’s one of my favorite characters on the first leg of this series. But the writers did something on his personality that ultimately changed his personality,and it’s quite disappointing.

Art is intelligent. We’ve seen him solve cases before through hard work and investigation, minus any use of minimum, which he doesn’t have at first. His perseverance is admirable. He’s got that kind of spirit that says, ‘Even without a minimum, I can do just as much, in my own pace.’ This is what makes him a brilliant and easy-to-relate character.

And then he was suddenly stealing minimums, saying how it is a way of fulfilling his promise to his brother, Skill. 

While we’ve seen he’s insecure side, his struggle to keep up with the rest, and all of those negative things that has plagued his thoughts from the start, I don’t see enough justification for him to suddenly change into an advocate of a ‘free world’ by robbing off something from other people, and making them live in pure deceit, where everything seemed to be alright. 

The world is harsher than that, and Art knew better. So the way he’s acting is clearly out of character.

The 180 degree shift can be attributed to his knowledge of the real killer of his brother (being him) and his desire to make amends. Still, I don’t think he is the same Art whom we met on the first season. Maybe he’s not supposed to. 

Still, it’s just so sad. (They could at least have made some solid justification). 

THE ENDING? (Don’t mention it.)

'Serves you right for killing me once!'
‘Serves you right for killing me once!’

I can’t say much about the ending much as how I don’t want to. I had to watch the last two episodes again to get a grip of what was going on. And even then, I still find myself wondering what just happened. 

You’ll understand once you watched it yourself, and it may even answer some of the prevailing questions in the series. Still, I was a bit surprised with how it turned out.

Then again…..what an ending


RATING: In a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, Re: Hamatora is a 7.

If you need to satiate your curiosity from a hanging first season, then you should be watching this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you stop watching midway. Still, it’s an okay series, with minor twists on the sideline.

And of course, don’t miss the comedy. Where Birthday is around, the fun just keeps on coming.

(Don't miss episode 7!)
(Don’t miss episode 7!)

Watched the series? What do you think about the ending?


4 thoughts on “Re: Hamatora (What an Ending…)”

  1. I absolutely loved Hamatora as a series, but if you asked me how it ended, I’d probably just give you a blank stare and maybe a shrug, because I can’t for the life of me remember how it ended. I dunno if that is a good thing or a bad thing…

    Season 2 made me really dislike Art, not that I really liked him all that much in season 1, but I agree with you his personality about face was out of left field and the character suffered for it.

    This was a great review!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thinking about it now without reading the review I wrote, I can’t remember how it ended too! I mean, I can as much recall the characters but I guess the story just lacked that certain factor that makes it memorable. Thanks for dropping!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Guys. If you stop watching Re at episode 11, you actually get a story of /the bad guy wins/. That alone would have been an epic finish, and memorable. Buuuuuut… Okay, so Art takes away his own minimum, throws himself off a building with an inspiring quote “Well I’ll be damned, they already accepted me for who I am.” That is so– yeah, nope. Still alive. Meh…
    I think that the basis for trying to wipe out minimum powers whilst having Nice bear the power to bring it back is a pretty solid basis for a plot. But… The character delivery was poor. Our main villain was someone we liked as they were then went meh. As such Freemum didn’t get much chance to shine and were lackluster. There was too little work on delivery, whereas they did a beautiful job with Moral. I don’t know whether I wanted Art to have a better motivation or a better antagonist delivery. Honestly I loved the fan service of the plentiful minimums used, but Re was just there as a tie in for the first season. Still, despite my complains I wouldn’t call it a disappointment. I’m definitely a fan.
    (Yes, my reply to this thread is late. Sue me.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I honestly can’t remember now what had taken place in most of the 2nd season. But the fan service thing is definitely in there, yes.


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