Kamisama Hajimemashita S2 (Lovely as Ever! BUT-)

(Directed by: Akitaro Daichi Original run: January 5, 2015 - March 30, 2015 No. of episodes: 12 Genres: Comedy, romance, supernatural)
(Directed by: Akitaro Daichi
Original run: January 5, 2015 – March 30, 2015
No. of episodes: 12
Genres: Comedy, romance, supernatural)


Nanami Momozono continues her journey as the Mikage Shrine goddess (earth deity), along with her two familiars, Tomoe (the fox) and Mizuki (the snake). 

Tomoe’s previous  comrade Akura-oh returns, now residing at a human body now that his own is trapped in the netherworld. Kurama’s facing his past. And Tomoe’s conflicted with his real feelings for Nanami and the latter’s real feelings for him.


The first season’s lovely. And it’s good to see that this second part’s good as well. Tomoe’s living out to his cool, protective role towards Nanami and is cute while being annoying at the same time (Now, who else can pull this off?). 

Nanami on the other hand, is the same Nanami I saw on the first season, I think, aside of course from the fact that she’s got this new wonderful power that allows her to protect her loved ones. Nanami’s not that witty type of shrine goddess as we all might have known by now, but her confidence remains surprising at times. (Her confidence, I suspect would come partly from the fact that Tomoe’s going to be on her rescue at all times.)




Tomoe is lovely. Okay, he’s cool. With her white, long, straight hair, he’s beautiful. When angry he’s lovable. With his constant denial, he’s annoyingly cute. 

So the thing is, whatever situation we place Tomoe at, he’s still the Tomoe I (we, I suppose?) come to love. One good thing about his character is his solid attitude. Yes, there’s inconsistency in what he says at times, but we have to give him the benefit of the doubt! He’s a familiar/yokai in love! Who knows how would that feel?

So….Tomoe?….a fascinating character without doubt. In fact, one that kept me watching in the first place. You?




WOW! So Kurama’s a tengu?! (Remind me if this is mentioned on the 1st seasons coz I missed it.)

It’s quite confusing because the Japanese word ‘tengu’ is translated in English as ‘heavenly dog’. And aside from the fact that Kurama’s too handsome/beautiful to be a dog or a bird (as the typical depiction of these mythical beings are), he more or less resembles like a black angel (my opinion). 

So anyway, within this 12-episode series, I’d say his part is one of the most unforgettable one. Not that we have many, but its certainly one which you cannot just simply forget, given the fact that he’s not among our main guys.

His story with the gorgeous Suiro and strict Jiro is good as well. If given the chance to make a separate show, they can stand alone!

DECENT END (Okay desu!)



The ending is not the best. But it’s not bad either. I’d say its decent. The closing event was fine and I’d say the writers did a good job in tying up the lose ends (for now). It’s not also a cliffhanger, but definitely something that left me hoping for a season 3. Let’s cross our fingers! 



Yes, Akura-oh’s the villain. BUT really?

I mean, he was on the first scene, just when the first episode started, and he’s got this menacing aura surrounding him plus the face that perfected the image of the bad guy. 

So, what would you expect?

I expected more. His first appearance impacts the start of the story because by then, we have something to expect – something that involves Tomoe’s dark past; something that might threaten his relationship with Nanami and the rest!

But what happened? His character is interesting, yes. But his presence died down in the middle of the story. It’s as if he becomes the filler character on the show, and he isn’t! (At least as far as I see it.) There wasn’t any strong interaction between he and Tomoe as well, which might have been a good ground for conflict.

His scenes with Nanami did show some potential. In fact I almost imagined Akura-oh temporarily suspending his plans on getting his body and get to know Nanami even more. Well, it didn’t happen. That’s fine. But then what?

Nothing much. Still, if there’s a 3rd seasons (which I’m looking forward to), I’d like to see what happens next to this formidable friend/foe of Tomoe.


RATING: In a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, Kamisama Hajimemashita S2 is a lovely 8!

Done watching? How was it? Shout them out on the comments!


2 thoughts on “Kamisama Hajimemashita S2 (Lovely as Ever! BUT-)”

  1. I have a feeling they probably will do a third season. I mean, the manga is pretty far off with over 100 chapters. So much has happened, that they should make a third season.

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