DEATH PARADE (What if Arbiters Exist?)

Every second, thousands of people die on Earth. Are you living your life to the fullest? You can be next.

So what if arbiters exist?

In a twelve-episode series, creator Yuzuru Tachikawa , who also took part in the creation of the hit anime Sword Art Online and Zankyou no Terror,  managed to create an interesting story about a topic often viewed as taboo by many people –death. 

Death signifies the end of life. At least on its superficial sense. But what if you’re given the chance to redeem yourself by playing a game that would determine your soul’s fate? Are you willing to risk everything for it? 

(Written by: Yuzuru Tachikawa Genre: mystery, psychological, thriller No. of episodes: 12 Original run: January 9, 2015 – March 27, 2015)

The story goes like..

As soon as two persons on earth die together, they are sent to one of the places that resembles like a bar and run by bartenders who act as arbiters – entities who act as judges and decide whether a person’s soul should be reincarnated or be sent to the void.

With no recollection of how they got to the place or that of their deaths, people are asked to play a game with their lives at stake. It’s either the play it or they’re not leaving the place. 

The idea of having arbiters as judges may sound like a cool thing. You play. They watch. You’re given extreme scenarios set to bring out your true character. They observe and judge. But here’s the catch. Arbiters are no humans. They can’t feel. They can’t experience death. They’re dummies.

So how can an entity be able to judge when he or she doesn’t have any idea about this whole humanity thing? No emotions, no actual experience of living. 

If you’re looking for anime that stirs up a little bit of terror and serious thoughts about life, then Death Parade may be a good pick to add up in your to-watch list.

WARNING: This isn’t the anime for kids. And for those who don’t particularly favor bloody scenes with a touch of brutality, you may want to skip this.

Take a  quick glimpse on what the anime has to offer.

Any thoughts?


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