TRAVEL TIPS: Straight From the Naruto Series

Who can forget Naruto, and Team 7,  and practically all the tear-jerking scenes, death-defying jutsus and excellent delivery of its story?


Not me.

I’ve been watching  anime since I was seven, and I have to say that Naruto’s one of the best series that I’ve seen. It can perhaps be attributed to the fact that it’s also one of the longest, which gave Masashi Kishimoto-sensei enough room to play along its story line. 

But the Naruto series is more than just about its nice plot and awesome display of jutsus. If you look beyond what it shows and be more mindful about some of the things that it teaches, you will know that there are several notable things that you can get from it. 

Travel for instance, is something that it touches. Just recently, Japan Info published a post about Survival Tips we can learn from Naruto. Practical,  easy-to-remember, and proven-effective things that all tourists can make use of. 

Going out for a trip? Be sure not to miss it!


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