Attack on Titan Live Action Ditches off Levi! (..and more)


Attack on Titan. Shingeki no Kyoujin. Titans eating humans. Humans fighting back to survive.

For those who have watched the anime or read the manga version of this series, there’re a lot of reasons to look forward to on its live action adaptation.

Will the characters be able to play their roles well? How about the graphics? What will the titans look like? Who will play Levi-heichou?

These are the questions I had when I walked inside Ayala Center Cebu Theater this evening. It’s the first day of showing and as expected, the film’s got the longest line among the other 3 shows available for this night.


I don’t want to spoil, but I have to say this: They ditched off Levi – one of the strongest, influential and popular character in the original series! Can you believe that?!

I mean, it’s not like the creators can’t exercise their own creativity by adding and removing stuff to accommodate the typical film length. But more than that of their desire to shed a different light on the live action, I believe removing Levi on the cast hurt them more.

Even if they introduced Shikishima (played by Hiroki Hasegawa) as someone who might have passed as the Levi on the movie, it still didn’t make up for the loss. Why? Because Levi-heichou set the standards for what it is like to be a member of the Scouting Legion – the defenders of humanity. Shikishima’s more like a passing stranger, who’s named a commander, but wasn’t seen leading any team apart from his dual show-off with Mikasa.  He also seemed to be have some fun pissing Eren off.

Now speaking of Eren…

I don’t know how to say this. But I don’t feel any sympathy towards Eren’s character (played by Haruma Miura) despite knowing that he’s the center – supposed to be the center – of the story.

There just doesn’t seem to be a strong motivation behind his actions on the film.

And then we have Mikasa…

As if Levi’s disappearance isn’t enough, Mikasa (played by Kiko Mizuhara) also seemed like a totally different character. Where did our badass, Eren-centered Mikasa Ackerman go?

But Armin’s lovely…

Kanata Hongo,who played Armin carried out his role very well. His characterization’s also good. And his voice and face….very pleasing.

As to the background and setting..

Dark. Well it is a dark fantasy action film, so it’s something to be expected. Still, all those gray and black shadows on the entire film doesn’t look so appealing. It started out fine, with a nice view of clean and green landscape belying the dark side outside the walls.

But that was it. The rest felt so gloomy. Even the military brigade’s insignia, which could have added some sort of color, wasn’t emphasized well enough.

Failed attempt to establish  ‘Romance’

It might have been the intention of director Shinji Higuchi and the rest of the creators to add an interesting twist by incorporating Eren and Mikasa’s (with special participation of Shikishima) love story in the first part. But if failed. EPIC.

I found it corny and inappropriate on the series of events unfolding on the story. Plus, Mizuhara and Miura doesn’t seem to have this sort of ‘chemistry’ as they say, that makes you nod in agreement for their pairing.

If it’s about the romantic potential present on it, I’d have to side with the cute interactions between Armin and Sasha.

The Titans..

Oh yes, they’re commendable. Fierce, grotesque, brutal and dark. Well done.

Story, Sequence of Events and Screenplay…

Sorry to say this, but I found it disappointing. The sequence is plain. There wasn’t even any tension build up. Conflict, obviously was centered against the Titans and if there’s something that keeps me watching its entirety, it will have to be their appearances which is packed with battle.

Even at that, I can’t say the battle scenes are must-watch. Even their 3D Maneuver execution, which is said to be awesome, doesn’t look so astounding.

There are also some unnecessary scenes like that untimely make out session by two of Eren’s colleagues. The story will be fine without it. Even better.

So the verdict?

It’s a fine watch. But something I wouldn’t recommend.





4 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Live Action Ditches off Levi! (..and more)”

  1. I’m not too happy that they ditched Levi. I haven’t watched this film yet, but I’m reading some mixed reactions. I’m curious. I don’t want to be influenced too much by what I read, but I’ll form my own opinions after I watch it.

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  3. I have seen both movies a couple of weeks back, and I have to say that I totally agree with you. The first one was ok, but the second one, there were so many things that were different from the story that it felt like a different setting altogether. Real shame, this could have been so much better 😦

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