Personal Checklist: OTAKU or NOT?


Are you an Otaku or not?

Common question a lot of anime fans might be pondering even with the knowledge of how they fancy watching anime.

To some, calling themselves ‘otakus’ might not be entirely a good idea. This is especially true among those who still think that the term is kind of derogatory – usually associated to geeks, nerds, and basically all terms you’d normally use to those anti-social individuals who spend most of their time at home, tending to whatever hobby they have.

Many associates the word to obsession.

BUT……Not me. I’d rather use the term ‘passionate’. Obsessed and passionate, they’re different. Japan Info recently published a post  listing down common experiences ‘otakus’ have when they watch anime, and it brought back certain things which I also wrote in this blog about being a super anime fan.

Don’t miss the lists and be honest. Are you one of us?




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