URABOKU: Nice graphics! (But that’s all…)

(Genre: adventure, fantasy, drama Written by: Odagiri Hotaru No. of episodes: 24 Original run: April 11, 2010- September 19, 2010)

Have you ever felt betrayed after watching an anime which started off great but ended up screwing the entire thing?

It’s how I felt after watching Uraboku (full title: Uragiri wa boku no
namae wo shitteiru / The betrayal knows my name) which I really saw
as an anime with good potential as it featured:

  • good graphics
  • right amount of intrigue
  • badass antagonists
  • good characterization

But somewhere along the middle of watching the 24-episode series, the anime went literally boring and more confusing.

Mysteries left unanswered and unexplained

Luka x Girl Yuki

(Source: betrayalknowsmyname.wikia.com)

Luka x Boy Yuki

luka-yuki -1.jpg
(Source:  yaoiotaku.com)

Unfortunately, aside from their supposed romance in the past, and Luka’s unbreakable contract with Yuki, I really don’t get what’s the real deal between these two.

Antagonists not given proper attention.

(Yeah right Reiga-san..or Kanata san or whatever….YOU never told us anything!)

Had they given more attention and limelight, the series might just wouldn’t be that boring.

Lame battle scenes & Actions without good motivation.

(Wait a minute! Aren’t you guys on the same team?!)

Not much action befitting their cool outfits and weapons. It’s just like reading a manga but running in a fast slideshow.

Shounen ai???

hotsuma-shuusei -1
(Ahw…Hotsuma-kun…you’re such a baby..)

BL fans out there? You’d like many scenes about the boys. They’re literally so obvious on their love for each other that it’s funny.

If I’m to describe Uraboku, it would be like a fruit salad with the wrong blend. Good ingredients but bad mixing. It may pass as a nice random watch, but something I wouldn’t recommend if you are looking for a worthy watch.


In a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru is a 5. (Average score primarily because of graphics and cute attempt to establish romance. )


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