If you don’t Download these 3 Anime Apps Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later!

2015 is almost over but the fun and excitement for all anime fans has just started with the recent release of the complete winter 2015-2016 anime list!

And with the comeback of some notable animations like D. Gray-man, and some new TV adaptation like the Itachi Shinden (The True Legend of Itachi), which is a spinoff from the hit anime series Naruto,  fans have a lot of reason to keep their hopes up for better shows on the upcoming year!

But how exactly can you pick the best shows that are worthy of your time? Because let’s face it. No matter how you want to devour everything, you just don’t have all the time in the world to watch all anime series released per season.

It’s a fact and we know it.

So if you want to have the best series  on your  queue, might as well get these apps on board your devices.

Manga Rock


Make your mobile your personal manga library and get the most recent updates on the favorite manga that you are following. Download chapters for free and read them while you’re offline.

Those who want to keep up-to-date with any series but don’t have enough time to view the typical half-hour long anime shows will find it easier to do some reading even while on the go. Use advanced filters to make your search faster!

Get it for free! 


This is your one-stop app to get a full list of anime series, movies and OVAs  by season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)! Read synopsis, view schedules of airing and have it adjusted to your specific time zone.

You can also do manual search for titles or genres. Check out the number of episodes for any anime, watch its promotional video as a preview, or visit the anime’s official website to read recent news about it.

Start listing down your must-watch anime shows!



So you’ve made your initial list and are now ready to start watching! No need to bring out your laptops when you can readily watch the freshest episodes of your favorite series via mobile!

Whether you’re waiting for your order at a restaurant or on a long land trip, as long as you can connect to a stable internet connection, you can have this app running and enjoy high quality streaming!

Watch some of your favorites now! 


2016  offers more exciting array of great shows for all anime lovers, but if you don’t choose well, you will end up wasting your time.

I’ve been using these apps for a month now and it worked for me. They can work for you to! So make your anime viewing less hassle and save time! Make your own best anime list 2016!


3 thoughts on “If you don’t Download these 3 Anime Apps Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later!”

  1. Another app you might one to add to the already very cool list is Anime Library 2. It lets you download and save your own personal Anime series and turn them into a library for absolutely free. Still thinking that this is somehow to good to be true, but it really works. There are hundreds of shows to see, so there is something for everyone 😀

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