Aoharu x Kikanjuu: A Comedy-packed Anime For Action Lovers!

Say ‘Hi!’ to your no ordinary student council president! This anime offers a wild mix of school life, gaming, comedy and potential romance!

Why settle for one genre if you can have a lot of them packed in  a short 12-episode series without leaving you grumbling about an incomplete plot?


The 2016 anime line-up might have already rocked different fandom, but  it’s never too late to take a quick step back to 2015  and have a look at few of the best that it offered.  If you’re looking for a fast-paced action-comedy treat with lovable characters and nice screenplay, I recommend Aoharu x Kikanjuu!

Study, have fun, and enjoy the action!


8 thoughts on “Aoharu x Kikanjuu: A Comedy-packed Anime For Action Lovers!”

  1. This anime is so underrated. It was action packed and super hilarious. I wish they had a second season. I need to know if they will ever win the survival games. Then will they ever find out if Hotaru is a girl. Ugh


    1. IKR. Where they left off in the anime provides more things to explore! And remember the last episode? They were hinting on the potential HotaruxMasamune romance with the heartbeat background and such! They better justify that. But that’s just me saying. Hmmm..

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    1. Let’s cross our fingers for a 2nd season! Just like what Anime_Girls_NYC said, this series is so underrated. It’s short, funny and interesting. It deserves more airtime! (…but that’s just me saying…)


  2. The Anime doesn’t do the Manga justice. Although some scenes are quite good, the manga draws the scenes better not to mention the bloodlust – that gave me chills. I would recommended the Anime if you haven’t already watched it but you absolutely need to read the Manga.

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    1. Oh….. sounds interesting! Will definitely bookmark the manga. I like the anime as is but if you say the manga’s better then I couldn’t miss it. Thanks for the recommendation!


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