BTOOM! What If Your Virtual World Becomes Reality?

A quick shout-out to all online gamers!  This 2012 anime might just be your piece of cake when looking for an action-packed, short series featuring a unique twist  of your typical gaming show.

Here’s a situation:

There’s a game you like  a lot. It’s a virtual world where you’re one of the top performers. You can be who you’re not in the outside world. It’s your favorite go-to game after a whole day work or study.


Then one day you wake up at the most unfamiliar place you’ve ever seen – on a seaside, tropical plants, no buildings – on an island.

You scanned the area with your eyes – apparent confusion slowly turning to panic at the sight of …… one. 

You’re alone. Soaked in seawater. Under the heat of the sun. At an isolated island.

Then you see a figure – a human figure running to  your direction.  A glint of hope flared on your eyes. Only to be smothered away when the person threw something at your direction.


A bomb. That same, familiar bomb you use on the online game you regularly play. You darted a sharp look at the person, then back to the bomb. Realization slowly dawning on you.

The game has become real. And it’s either you play it or you die trying.

-End of situation-

I’m not a gamer, but I’m aware of the global popularity of this arena. Those who haven’t watched the series  yet or might want to reminisce the combined action and psychology are welcome to give it a shot!

Games are primarily for entertainment. But what if they become  your reality?


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