Rokka no Yuusha: When Good Characters Fall Victim to Poor Storytelling

Characterization impacts any story. But whether it’s for the benefit or demise of a craft depends highly on the delivery.

Rokka no Yuusha  is one of the 2015 anime that may easily be forgotten but is generally a good watch primarily because of its characters.

(Saint of Blades, Nachetanya-hime)
(Saint of Blades, Nachetanya-hime)

They’ve got unique identities and potential background story left for us to explore.


There’s something about its storytelling that might just leave other viewers cringing in disappointment. Others might  raise a brow in confusion.

And it’s perfectly understandable.

(Is that jealousy we're hearing, Flamie-san?)
(Is that jealousy we’re hearing, Flamie-san?)

What started out as an exciting prelude to an adventure-packed journey against  the Demon god turned into a sort of mystery revolving on betrayal.

The idea isn ‘t bad though.

Mysteries are plot-driving. In fact it’s a genre of the story. They keep up viewers interest and provide something to look forward to. But it’s a different story when it starts to overthrow the original focus introduced at the start of the show.

(Saint of Swamps, Chamot)
(Saint of Swamps, Chamot)

For a short 12-episode series, Rokka no Yuusha failed to keep up the momentum.

Instead of letting its characters reveal their  skills while defeating the demon god minions, they were locked up in an ingroup struggle to identify who’s the fake Rokka.

It’s a nice twist, actually.  But not one that could keep viewers hooked up until the end. Plus, what’s with the attempt to establish romance between Flamie and Adlet? It might have worked if the timing was right, which it clearly wasn’t.  At some point, the screenplay turned terrible that it seemed so out of character from the initial impression I had with the characters.

If the creators would like to salvage its remaining spark, a better second season better be on the way.

Anyone who’s looking for a standard fantasy with mystery show, this might pass as an okay watch. See for yourself and let us know what you think!


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