Prince of Tennis Valentines Chocolate Voting Returns! Check Out the Top 10 Contenders!

Yes  POT fans! It’s back! Takeshi Konomi said so!

After a year of probably cleaning out Shueisha’s headquarters from the thousands of chocolate boxes that flooded the area last 2014, Jump Square once again opens its doors to the fans!

With Valentines Day closing by, you might want to consider packing up your personalized chocolate bars and send it to your favorite character!


So what’s with this Chocolate Voting?

It’s basically an annual popularity contest of  the anime franchise.  Over the years, it has gained a lot of support especially to the huge female fanbase of the series.

Boxes of chocolates are sent to Jump Square (magazine the publishes the manga) intended for the fans’ chosen characters. Winning character are judged primarily on the number of chocolates that they receive.

On 2015 however…

The company headquarters was literally flodded with boxes of chocolates, prompting the headquarters and Mr. Konomi to call off the annual tradition.

(Source: Anime News Network)
(Source: Anime News Network)

Instead of chocolates, they shifted gears and went with the typical ballot voting.

NOW they’re bringing it back! 

As its worldwide fanbase start to express their support through social media,  we can’t help but ask: Who’s going to take the crown this year?

To help us get an idea, here are the Japanese fan-favorites that made it to the top 10 during the 2014 chocolate voting competition!

The results, MAY surprise you! Spotlights on….

1:  Atobe Keigo


It’s Ore-sama. Of course he’s no.1.

2: Fuji Syusuke


Disarming smile, gentle attitude, sexy voice……why not?

3: Oshitari Yuushi


It must be the fake glasses.

4: Akazawa Yoshiro


Because according to them, tall, dark and  handsome is the standard.

5: Takeshi Konomi (I know right. But hey! We owe all the guys in this list to him!)


They’re all yours, sensei. Our heartfelt gratitude for bringing them out in the open!

6: Yukimura Seiichi


He’s Rikkaida’s ‘Child of god.’. And godly people deserves a spot!

7: Echizen Ryoma


Mada mada da ne, Echizen-kun.

8: Shiraishi Kuranosuke


‘Ah…Ecstasy!’ I’d bet those who voted find this line sexy.

9: Marui Bunta


Someone out there just made this sweet-loving redhead really, really, happy!

10: Yanagi Renji


It’s on his data. Trust me.

A year has passed, and this list can significantly change if we consider the additional characters we met on POTs Genius 10 series.

Did your bet manage to get into  the top 10? Mine didn’t. But he’ll always be my no. 1! Let’s check your top 10 list on the comments and see if they make it this year!



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