Kekkai Sensen: A Bloody, Funny Supernaturally Twisted Series that Makes Sense ( or Not?)

What just happened?

Up  until now I still can’t seem to grasp the real deal with this 12-episode series. But one thing I can tell,  despite all the chaotic confusion that I’ve just seen, is that I like it.

(Source: animenette)
(Source: animenette)

Not that everything’s comprehensible, because frankly, the end left me asking more questions than when I started.  It’s the kind of series that may not leave you a strong impression in the long run.  In fact I doubt if anyone will remember its series of events days or weeks after watching.

BUT for some twisted reason,  I like it.

Cool art and animation

I’ve always been picky when it comes to aesthetics. It’s one of my criteria when choosing for shows, and it’s the same thing that brought me to Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront). The plot, to be honest, only fell second.



Characters are well drawn, fashion is so timely, settings is a decent portrayal of modern New York and fighting scenes…..Man, the action was superb! 

Solid characterization

I love the characters.  And let’s face it. When you love the characters, it’s so hard to stop watching.  Why would you? This series introduces a group of  modern heroes that rock even without those trademark masks and costumes typical DC and Marvel superheroes have.

(Source: Newanimaficionados)
(Source: Newanimaficionados)

They’re a lovely cocktail of attitude as well! We’ve got the cocky Zapp,  innocent Leonardo,  gentleman Klaus, and a whole lot more characters  on the gang!

When it comes to identity, the characters of this series are SOLID.

All Supernatural Creatures  in One!

Can you imagine vampires, monsters, ghosts an all those urban legend supernatural creatures placed in one world and living peacefully with humans?

This anime did just that  with the so-called Great Collapse of New York  that brought all mythical beings flooding the city.

(Source: Funimation)
(Source: Funimation)

In this set-up, everyday is a cosplay day! And as what the main character, Leonardo said,

Get used to the abnormal and it becomes normal.

But in as much as how impressive and brave the attempt to  bring them all,  I’m convinced that the idea didn’t do much to propel the story into a more exciting,  episode-gripping adventure for the viewers.

Where are we headed?

It’s quite clear what the main cast is fighting for. They seek to maintain the balance within the city, and make sure that all humans are not exploited by their powerful neighbors in any way.


BUT there’s a major issue in terms of the main goal that Leonardo, and the rest of the villains/ antagonists have.

It’s never clear. Hints on what they’re after were given, but the inconsistencies on what they do is at times confusing  –  a major drawback in select parts.

What is it really about?

I’m in no position to give the answer, nor do I know an exact one. But based on what I saw, it’s  a classic battle of the fittest series wherein all characters blend with the general public while at the same time securing a dominant spot in the society.

(Source: Geekorner)
(Source: Geekorner)

Of course I can be wrong.  After all, there’s  a whole lot more to explore when it comes to the different factions involved in the story.

IF  Bones decides to give it a second season, then some of the jaded parts may be given decent explanation.

In a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I’ll give Kekkai Sensen a solid 7. 

The plot might be something forgettable, but the action and characters hit me hard. That, is something you can’t easily forget.


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