5 Animation Studios Behind the Biggest Anime Hits of All Times

Japan’s a powerhouse when it comes to producing anime. That being said, it’s only natural to expect high-quality animation with massive yearly production and unique plot for each series release. But while there are a lot of shows released per season, only a few manage to wow their global audience.


These spectacular shows will never reach our TV and computer screens without the time, effort and money spent by the studios to bring them to action. It’s all thanks to the talented production team that we encounter some of the best characters to root for.

Many made us cry, and few left us laughing out loud for their hilarious stunts and punchlines. There are currently over 90 anime studios in Japan. And the ones we have on today’s list are those who made names not just because of their huge sales but primarily  because of the hit anime series they produced which gave birth to popular and worldwide fanbases!

Hats off to…

Toei Animation 

Official website: www.toei-anime.co.jp

Founded on: January 23, 1956

It’s the home of the phenomenal Son Goku and Monkey D. Luffy! Toei has long been a prolific creator  of hit anime series since its founding on 1965. Its works such as Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon has won the Animage  Anime Grand Prix award last 1987 and 1992 respectively.

(Source: Wikimedia)
(Source: Wikimedia)

It’s 60 years of active business in the industry never dulled their ability to produce resounding hit series that stick to its viewers’ memories.  Few of their other notable works include Slamdunk, Digimon, Air Gear,  and Ashita no Nadja

Studio Pierrot

Official website: www.en.pierrot

Founded on: May 1979

Naruto, Nara Shikamaru, Ichigo, and Kaneki are only some of the most memorable anime characters that this company has brought to life. Their worldwide hit series, Yuyu Hakusho won the Animage Anime Grand Prix award in 1994. So as the series Saiyuki in the succeeding year.

(Source: Wikimedia)
(Source: Wikimedia)

They’ve animated a lot of movies such as Boruto: Naruto the Movie and produced other works like Belzeebub, Akatsuki no Yona, The Legend of Korra and Super Gals.

A-1 Pictures

Official website: www.a1p.jp

Founded on: May 9, 2005

Despite being the youngest studio in this list, A-1 Pictures sure knows its game really well. It produced works that could go at par with the long-running, and worldwide hit series of its older competitors.

(Source: Blogspot)
(Source: Blogspot)

It’s notable works include Fairy Tail, Kuroshitsuji, Sword Art Online,  Your Lie in April and Ao no Exorcist. It’s recent ongoing project, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, which aired January of this year seemed to be gaining a lot of popularity as well from its international fans.


Official website: www.madhouse.co.jp

Founded on: October 17, 1972

If we make a list of studios who produce the most diverse types of anime series, Madhouse can easily grab the spotlight. It’s notable not just for its excellent animation but also for the variety of genres that it offers to the viewers. They were behind  the globally popular Death Note series and the recently concluded One-Punch Man.

(Source: WordPress)
(Source: WordPress)

Aside from L, Kira and Saitama, they also brought to life Sakura Kinimoto (Cardcaptor Sakura), Claire (Claymore) and Ippo Makunouchi (Hajime no Ippo).


Official website: www.sunrise-inc.co.jp

Founded on September 1972

For avid fans of mecha series, Sunrise might just be the studio that’s meant for you. They have brought to life the interconnected story of Kira, Athrun and Shin plus the cool Gundam units that set the standards of the present mecha designs. They were also the ones who brought the tragic story of Lelouch in Code Geas and gave life to Kagome from the series, Inuyasha.

Other notable works include Cowboy Bebop, Yakitate Japan and Gintama.

(Source: Wikimedia)
(Source: Wikimedia)

There are a lot more anime studios in Japan who created hit series. But these five were undeniably among those who are on top of their league when it comes to production quality and quantity. What’s your favorite anime? Do you know what studio is responsible for its cool animation?

Do a quick search!


One thought on “5 Animation Studios Behind the Biggest Anime Hits of All Times”

  1. I think Mad House due to their diversity are not easily scared to stay away from a lesser story.
    They had their fair share of bad Anime but stayed with their own conviction and it is admirable to stay true to a path one has set out for themselves.

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