K Project 2: Beautifully Satisfying BUT Why It Might Not Get a 3rd Season

It’s always  been a pleasure to watch an anime series that leaves you nodding in satisfaction at how things turned out.

(Source: Wikia)
(Source: Wikia)

And yes, K Project Season 2 is a real satisfaction! Kudos to GoHands and the whole team!

Do I want a 3rd season? Absolutely! There’s a bunch of cool characters left to explore and the idea of having clans with a good background story is stunning.

But let’s stick to the facts – on where the last season left off. In as much as how beautiful the drama and friendship is, there are few reasons why this anime might not be give a sequel.

1.The SLATE’s gone. Goodbye superpowers!

(Source: Wikia)
(Source: Wikia)

All of these complications started because few ‘kings’ and their clansmen were given supernatural skills to rule their territories. Now that the source of that power is gone, everyone’s back to being equal.

2. No more villains! Let’s give everyone a hug!

(Source: Otakuzine AU)
(Source: Otakuzine AU)

To defeat the antagonistic GREEN clan, the BLUE, RED and SILVER kings joined forces for  a single, solid attack. And they won! Hurray! So now, the bad guys are out of the picture. Peace and prosperity shall reign.


The SILVER king, the original one is still in the story! He shouldn’t be right? Not anymore! But he is!

And that friends, might just propel another sequel. Let’s cross our fingers!

But for now, a big hug to the team who made the 2nd season a real success! With 3rd season or not, K has been a successful project!


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