GATE: The Next Anime to Watch for the Undecided!

Choosing that ‘Next’ anime to watch has always been an issue to many fans.

First, you have tons of new options. 

Second, there are some  series  you didn’t finish that are now begging your attention.

Third, you just don’t have any idea where to start looking. (Or maybe you have  but are just too tired to even think about it.)

I had the same experience after taking quite a long break from watching anime. So when I finally decided to have a look at my pending list, I couldn’t figure out what anime from what genre and season to pick.

I checked out quite a few, hoping to find a good one that could hold my interest per episode. Nothing did.

Not until GATE.


Is the story unique?

No. I don’t think so.  I’ve seen quite a few fantasy-themed anime that more or less covered the same dynamic. One good example would be No Game, No Life.

Are the characters that awesome?


Quite a few notable ones, in my opinion. Lelei-chan’s my personal favorite. But just like the story, they aren’t that unique as well (with the exception of the main character which I’ll be pointing out next).


So what makes it a must-see series for the undecided?

You just can’t stop watching it. The best thing I like about the series is not the story per se but  Itami Yoji’s (our main guy) character. He’s the epitome of a nice guy on your neighborhood with a secret doujin fetish, who wants to keep his hobby secret because he works for….


I’ll stop there.

Anyway, he’s character you can’t help but root for.

But other than Itami….

While the story seemed like predictable in the long run, it didn’t run out of gas to spur me to watch the series until the end.

The anime appealed to me as the exact same thing that would happen if a sort of ‘magical gate’ suddenly appears in my country that leads to a magical world full of elves, magicians, half beasts and more.


It’s like watching your childhood (and adulthood) fantasies get real in an anime version. And you’re  out there, watching the series telling yourself,

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

If you’re looking for entertainment, this is it.



2 thoughts on “GATE: The Next Anime to Watch for the Undecided!”

  1. I think you make a great point. I loved Gate but it isn’t very original and it is hard to explain to people why they should watch it. You’ve done an excellent job summing it up. Thanks.


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