10 Anime Opening Songs to Rock Your Mornings!

I’m not Japanese.

I understand few phrases, but I don’t speak the language.

I also don’t have a golden voice to be proud of during karaoke (and private gatherings).

But I love singing anime songs. And I do it like a pro. Seriously (minus the voice quality). But that’s not the point.

The point is, there are tons of awesome anime songs – openings and endings, insert songs and instrumentals – name it. You don’t have to actually know what it means to feel happy about it.

There are musical arrangements that make you feel nostalgic, while others just make you feel like locking yourself in your room and go ‘Stay-away-I-want-to-be-alone’ mode.

You probably have a full playlist of your own best picks. I do. And today I’ll be sharing some of the best anime openings from the awesome OLD series I love.

WARNING: These songs are kickass and loud! Practice caution and minimize the volume of your earphones!

IN PARTICULAR ORDER: (by preference)

Northern Lights (Shaman King )

Blasting this song is basically part of my morning ritual.

 Sung by: Hayashibara Megumi

View the full lyrics!

 Dream Believer (Prince of Tennis)

When I’m always confronted with the fact that I have zero knowledge in playing the drums but love it anyway.

 Music, Arrangement and Vocal: Masaki Osamu

Lyrics: Tangerine

View full lyrics! 

Through the Night (Outlaw Star)

Hardcore. Electrifying. Cool.

Sung by: Arimachi Masahiko

View full lyrics! 

Oversoul (Shaman King)

 “Yomigaere!” Enough said.

 Sung by: Hayashibara Megumi

View full lyrics! 

Ash Like Snow (Gundam 00)

 That moment when you wake up with a heavy feeling…

Sung by: The Brilliant Green

View full lyrics!

D-Tecnolife (Bleach)

 Back when Bleach is a REAL ROCKSTAR! “Kimi wo mitsukidasu!”

Sung by: UVERworld

View full lyrics! 

 Again (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood)

 A perfect company while on public transport.

Sung by: YUI

View full lyrics! 

 Chala Head Chala (Dragon Ball Z)


 Sung by: FLOW

View full lyrics! 

Spiral (Blood C)

 Japanese + English + French, classy isn’t it?

Lyrics and Vocal: DUSTZ

Composition: DUSTZ & BONDxL!TH!UM

Arrangement: BONDxL!TH!UM

View full lyrics! 

 Haruka Kanata (Naruto)

C’mon….we’ve all been kids!

Sung by: Asian Kung-fu Generation

View full lyrics! 

The list could go on actually. But these are my current morning blasters! What’s yours? Go and make some noise on the comments!

P.S. Get ready to feel the chills with the Top 10 sentimental anime songs coming up soon!




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