A Quick Recap on Where D. Gray-Man Left Us on Its First 103 Episodes

Greetings to all Black Order exorcist fans out there! Two days  more to go and it’s July 5, which  means the premiere episode of our long-awaited D. Gray-Man 2016 comeback is finally airing! High-five!

(Source: Animeconfessions)
(Source: Animeconfessions)

But it’s been a  long break, and unless you’ve been closely following the manga, you may feel lost about the next series of events that are bound to occur on the sequel.

So today, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable things we’ve learned from the series’s first 103 episodes.

Starting with…

3rd New Type of Innocence, the Crystal Type

There were already two established types of innocence at the start of the series – Equip and Parasitic. Think of Kanda and Allen respectively. Equip type literally manifests itself on special item that the exorcists use. In Kanda’s case, that would be his katana. Parasitic type on the other hand merges with a part of the user’s body. Allen  has it on one of his arms.


Apparently, Innocence has its own set of mystery boxes that are yet to be discovered. As it was revealed on the last episodes of the show, Lenalee was able to use the Crystal type – an innocence type that uses the blood of the user to manifest itself to a weapon.

Best part is, it seemed to have its fighting mind of its own as it automatically responds to thoughts by the user, making it a very practical and advantageous tool for Lenalee, whom we know, is not much of a physical fighter than the rest.

Existence of Level 4 Akuma

But first, how strong is a Level 3? STRONG. Not as strong as the Millenium Earl and Noah clan obviously, but strong. They’re capable of handling multiple exorcists at once and feeds on the lower level Akuma as physical and power sustenance.

(Source: Tumblr)
(Source: Tumblr)

The existence of a level 4 was never known to the exorcists before it appeared during the headquarters attack. It resembles a child-like appearance with bloated stomach, apparently emotionless in nature and a crazy level of brute strength which was hinted to be stronger than that of the Noah clan.

And we thought the Noah clan is unbelievable powerful enough.

Introduction of other members of Noah clan

It seemed like we still haven’t seen the full disaster that the Noahs are capable of. Its current known members; Tykki, Lady Road, Lulubell, Jasdebi and Skinn were altogether formidable.

(Source: Photobucket)
(Source: Photobucket)

But as it turned out, they have a total 14 members, with the last one being a traitor. That leaves around 7 or 8 more Noahs bringing disasters and terror somewhere. It was also mentioned that one of the ‘soon-to-be-revealed’ members is Lady Road’s father.

Allen Walker as the predecessor of the late 14th Noah member

We know Allen’s special not just because he’s the story’s protagonist but because the formidable Marian Cross chose him to an apprentice. Even if Cross always keeps on dismissing it as nothing important, sort of coincidence sort of thing,  I believe he knew beforehand what Allen is capable of.

(Source: Vignette)
(Source: Vignette)

And he wasn’t wrong. Allen Walker is revealed to be the successor of the 14th Noah member, the only one capable of moving the Ark. Aside from that heartwarming piano notes he left, who knows what the 14th has subconsciously taught Allen while he was a kid?

Kanda’s mysterious, beautiful tattoo

You didn’t seriously think that Kanda’s tattoo was just an accessory, did you? It’s a good complement to his fashion, to be fair, but apparently, that tattoo has a story of its own – one thing we hope to find out on the sequel.

(Source: Photobucket)
(Source: Photobucket)

Lavi and the Bookman clan’s real affiliation

Bookman has always been open about not taking any side, though they’ve been constantly helping the exorcists on the way. He’s training Lavi to take his role someday, which the latter was decently doing. However,  even their rather neutral stance raises some questions when it comes to their real affiliation.


After all, a clan who has been an observer for thousands of years has information as their main power. And one couldn’t be too sure about the truth of their neutrality. It was hinted that there’s something more of them, something which might be given due explanation on the sequel.

Central administration’s investigation on Allen and Cross

(Source: Tumblr)
(Source: Tumblr)

With Marshall Cross running MIA for the last four years, and Allen displaying unconventional exorcist powers, the Black Order’s Central Administration had them both under close supervision until further notice. The two seemed to be okay with the decision, though whether or not something should happen on the way, remains questionable.

I’m admittedly not a very huge fan of D. Gray-Man, but thanks to a friend’s insistence, you know who you are, that I managed to binge-watch the 103 episodes without getting side-tracked. I guess I wouldn’t have to wait long since the next part’s coming up in the next two days.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more action-packed battles and surprising revelations from our dear exorcists!



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