5 Writing Struggles All Anime Bloggers Have in Common

The fact that I’m writing this post means that I’ve reached that point when I literally don’t have anything anime-related to write about.

I recently finished watching an anime series, I follow the latest anime news on Twitter, did some reading on other blogs I subscribe to and so on.

Still, nothing salient comes to mind as of this writing. And so, I decided to divert my attention to something more ‘practice-related’ which I think anime bloggers will understand, and which aspiring  ones should take note of.

1.The need to be constantly updated with what’s trendy in the anime world

You really think this is easy? Do we (anime bloggers) look like we’re some kind of creative writing machines that are capable of producing posts the moment we start typing? Nope. Hardly.

The harder part is,  we need to constantly be updated with what’s going on in the animation industry. I’m guilty of not being so consistent on this one. Why? Because I can’t.  I have a day job which is taking a huge chunk of my time everyday.

I select the information I consume -which isn’t always the best  ones up there, really. But we can’t help it.

2.So many anime bloggers out there! How can I get noticed?

Konnichiwa, to you all! It’s really a great thing to know a lot of people who write for the same interests as you do. But let’s face it, there’s a tough competition in the air.

You want to get more followers? I want them too!

Unfortunately, it all depends on the combined metrics of Google, your personal fanbase (if any), quality writing and a touch of SEO to get your blog noticed by anyone interested in anime.

It’s a tough world, minna-san. The competition’s real.  But let’s all be friends, all right?

3.Too much anime, not enough time!

This isn’t particularly on my top list of issues, but I understand that if you’re running  a blog that focuses on making anime reviews like TheOtakuJudge, 100WordAnime , and AnimeThief ,  the demand to literally munch series per season is a must.

I’m not saying that I know the exact sentiments they have in doing this but I can imagine just how much of  a challenge it could be. There’s just too much shows for the limited writing time we have!

And remember, they’re not just writing summaries for the show. They’re putting in significant objective viewpoints on how the series appealed to them. It requires work.  My respect goes to you, anime reviewers!

4.I just don’t feel like editing.

Sou da ne?

Editing is an entirely  different craft in my opinion. While you let your right brain rule when you’re writing (just like what I’m doing right now), editing taps into your left, logical brain and lets it examine the work of the right – in full, objective scrutiny.

Unless there’s a separate person editing your work (which I highly doubt for us, anime bloggers), the editing job falls under our domain.

The funny thing is, we don’t really like it as much as the actual writing, right? Or is it only me?  C’mon, be honest!

Bottom line, we need to edit. It’s part of our job.  We may not like it, but we have to do it anyway.

And editing is not easy.

5.Endless search for that knockout blog title

This title works. No it needs to be more catchy.  Actually this can work better if only…..

Yes. That happens.  That happened to me just earlier. After changing the title for this post for three times, I finally gave up and decided that the one you just read on top is a good one.

There are good titles, bad ones, sure-fire knockouts and the like. Most of the time, it takes several changes before I settle to the final one. Unless, in those rarest moments when I’m  super inspired to write that I end up getting a nice title in one go.

For me, title is an issue.  It’s like the gift wrapper that would dictate whether or not readers would like to open the actual gift (the article content).

If you’re reading this part, then the wrapper I chose is definitely worth it.  Thanks!

So minna-san! Did you like the gift?

Make some noise in the comments!





40 thoughts on “5 Writing Struggles All Anime Bloggers Have in Common”

  1. I’m having a hard time in these areas too. For the most part though, I’m blogging about anime mainly for myself–to organize my thoughts and objectively state the reasons I liked or disliked something. But I sure do wish I had more viewers and even a single comment (*cries*).

    Among your top 5, I’d say time is my top beast. I have a lot going on having just transferred into UGA. I wish I could write more about individual episodes I really enjoyed, but such is life I guess. Keep up the work brother!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you AniSphere! We’re basically the same when it comes to writing. I also do it for the love of anime and to empty my thoughts after watching a really good series. But there are times when you just need some sort of boost from readers – something which doesn’t always come. Anyway, do keep reviewing! I hope to read more of your thoughts on your future posts!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree with your first point. It’s hard to just know about all the trendy anime. It was harder back then when anime wasn’t simulcast. But it’s still hard to pinpoint which anime are popular until they come out and are. Then if you’re not watching that anime, you have to start that to keep up. It’s a cycle! I enjoy doing my best to keep up though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually gave up on keeping up with the latest. haha. My schedule just wouldn’t let me. I just go reading summaries and then decide if I’d like to watch or not. You’re awesome if you can keep up with the cycle! That takes a lot of time!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh. This is an excellent post. These are why I take frequent unannounced breaks, don’t consider myself as an anime reviewer unlike other anime bloggers, and don’t really care if my posts are current or trending (most of the time). If I care for all of these, I’ll just stress myself out or worse, quit blogging completely. That’s why I write whatever the heck I want to write in any way that I want. Gives me more freedom, flexibility and of course doesn’t limit the things I can write about. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep it up. And try not to stress yourself too much. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, right? I still do my best to keep track of the latest happenings within the fandom, but I just can’t keep up with ALL of them. So for us who aren’t very current, I think our only option is to be as creative as possible and to make our opinions more distinct. Once again, great post.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I am new to blogging about anime, but I can already see all of these being problems. I find myself thinking ‘what do i write,’ how do I go about writing content that others haven’t wrote about already.


    1. Trust me. You’re not alone. I asked the same question when I started blogging two years ago. But as they say, the best way to get answers is to just do it. Gambatte kudasai! Will look forward to your posts. Oh…what is your blog if I may ask?


  5. I never experience in 3-4) but others are me.
    After writing analysis in my blog few months, I know I need to follow anime/manga trend because that is what most people are focusing.

    If you don’t mind about visitors, you can do as you wish.
    If you expect more visitors, follow trend is absolute rule.

    However, I end up write what I are focusing or found it is super interesting more than follow trend 100%. Because I am blogger for my self-satisfaction (80%) and will share to other people with social network (20%).


  6. I started just blogging to relieve stress and not caring about followers. But once I got one, it’s starting to feel like a drug. Gotta catch them all! But, seriously, you are right. I’ll never have enough time, so I’m happy just reading everyone’s great stuff and writing what I happen to be thinking about. Also, I have a friend at work who is behind in anime and so as long as my recommendations help her, it’s all worth it.


    1. Yep. It’s too hard to ‘always’ be updated with the recent releases. You’ll only stress yourself out if your force yourself. You’re not alone. I also love reading other people’s works! (and you’re right…blogging is a very good stress reliever. I can attest to that.)


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