18 Success Lessons You Shouldn’t Miss from Sinbad no Bouken

The waves are something you read the flow of, accept it and overcome.” – Sinbad

With all the awesome characters from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic series, Sinbad’s one of my favorite. And it’s not just because he looks good. Yes, that’s part of it, but…anyway, so you can just imagine how thrilled I was when I learned that he’s getting his own series!

It’s even a wonder how I ended up watching it just two weeks ago when it was already released months before.

So basically, the series is just thirteen episodes, shorter than the original Magi series, but definitely worth it!

Just 13 episodes. But Sinbad managed to show more than that. Here’re 18 success lessons from the king of the seven seas!

1. Everyone needs a teacher.

For no matter how skilled of a visionary you are, the world is just too big for one person. As confident as Sinbad is, he recognized the need to learn from someone better as shown during his initial trading escapade with the Reim Kingdom when he asked for help from the King of Balbadd.

2. Vision creates a difference.

Without vision, one finds it hard to stay motivated. Sinbad has always been specific on what he wants – to conquer the world and build his own kingdom ruled in peace and free trading. His vision drives him to move forward. So no matter how impossible it seems to others, he’s never discouraged.

3. Support from friends and family matters.

Sinbad is smart, brave, curious and a young guy with a good sense of humor. But all of his successes wouldn’t be possible if not for the combined effort of him and his friends every step of the way. Plus, his parents never hold him back. Even in deathbed, his mother wished him the best.

4. Trading is a real business.

Of course, we know that. The 21st century operates in trading goods across different borders. But Sinbad showed us an interesting view of the business which is not only focused on staying in front of your desks and doing accounting. There’s a whole lot more of legwork involved in trading. When played right, good money’s in it too!

5. Seizing opportunities are part of achieving your dreams.

You have a vision – a dream. How you achieve it presents more opportunities you could never have imagined. Sinbad shows the importance of spotting those opportunities and making it a stepping stone to achieving your goals.

6. Developing skills more than one is vital.

Sinbad is a leader. But was that ever enough? No. To lead he learned how to serve. He ventured theater, politics, public speaking, business and more!

All of these skills weren’t acquired at the same time. But Sinbad was a very good example of a ‘king in the making.’ If you’re eyeing to build a kingdom (or whatever dream for that matter), it takes more than one skill to achieve it.

7. Traveling is the most intense form of education.

If Sinbad wants it, he could’ve schooled himself under Reim’s scholars when he first had the money from their first successful trade. But he didn’t. Instead, he chose to travel from one kingdom to another, establishing ties and free-trade agreements.

The result? He learned more about those partner countries, got himself official representatives for each, fought fierce battles that taught him how Djinn equip works and so on!

Sinbad learned ‘tons’ more than what he could’ve if he chose to stay in a closed classroom setup.

8. Great things can be accomplished together.

The saying ‘No man is an island,’ holds true in Sinbad’s case. He started alone but eventually gathered people to join him in his adventures. He’s so much capable of accomplishing things on his own but knows that so much better can be done with your team on board.

9. We all have burdens in life, so be kind.

You can never tell what a person or a community is going through. In all things you do, show kindness.

10. If there is a will, there is a way.

‘You can have anything. But you can’t have everything at the same time.’ Sinbad’s adventures show the importance of being resourceful. If you badly want something and ask for it, there is always a way.

11. Everyone has his or her own unique calling.

One thing I like best about Sinbad, he doesn’t dictate. He leads his group but clearly recognizes the abilities of each member. While the members of his team look up to him, they basically have their own unique dream they wish to fulfill. Being with Sinbad is just the way to respond to their calling.

12. There is nothing wrong fighting for your dreams.

It’s yours. Own it. Fight for it.

13. There are people born with natural charisma.

Sinbad is the epitome of charisma. He’s blessed with the Rukh’s power since birth. People naturally gravitate towards him.

14. Be ready to compromise.

There are things you just can’t have based on your terms. Such is true with few of Sinbad’s negotiations. A compromise might not be the best option, but it’s sometimes necessary.

15. Don’t assume.

Making assumptions even before seeing the facts? Sinbad says no. Different culture, community, and people have personal beliefs and experiences affecting their perceptions. Never assume.

16. Pay gratitude and respect.

While he dreams of becoming a king, Sinbad is not yet a king (as of this series). He has always shown a confident bearing all throughout the series but doesn’t hesitate to kneel down in front of real kings and queens he wishes to build connections with. Of course, he never fails to say thanks!

17. Be bold, explore the world.

There’s so much more to learn, encounter, create and meet out there! Go out and explore!

18. Age doesn’t matter in achieving something big.

Sinbad was 16 when he decided to leave his hometown and pursue his dreams. This doesn’t mean only the young ones can get things started. Throughout his journey, he has met different people across different ages, who has been continually working on their dreams. Age is never a qualifying meter.

There you have it! 18 success lessons, tips, realizations or whatever you want to call it straight from Sinbad’s adventures!

Which one can you relate to best? C’mon, let other dreamers hear them out!


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