‘Dear Tite Kubo-sensei’ : Fan Letters to the Man Behind Bleach

Bleach is over.

Again, everyone let’s say it all together, “Bleach is over.”

I’m guilty of not following the manga series after the Aizen’s defeat so when I heard that the last arc and chapter was out, I went ahead to binge-read the manga and set aside all the other anime on my list just to finish the entire thing.

It’s pretty much complicated to create a general reaction on what I felt after the last arc. I was actually hoping for more badass villains and jaw-dropping revelations considering the fact that the anime ended without revealing a number of  shinigami ‘Bankais’ .

Fans would have to agree that there are more plot holes to explore than what the anime and movies had presented.

But the series ended.

And in all honesty, I didn’t like it so much.

Still, I am very much grateful that Tite Kubo-sensei didn’t abandon the entire story. It ‘s hard enough to be consistent in writing. It’s a struggle all writers, bloggers and mangaka understand.

And so, I asked few of my friends (names I blurred out for privacy reasons) who also watch Bleach to drop in their messages to the man who made the Gotei 13, Arrancars, and Quincies possible.

Here they are in photos!










And lastly,  my message.


I figured you might have something you also want to say.  So I encourage you to drop your own message  on the comments or send me via email!

There are other notes coming in as of this writing so there might be a second part for this post. But for now, dozo.

Now it’s your turn!


2 thoughts on “‘Dear Tite Kubo-sensei’ : Fan Letters to the Man Behind Bleach”

  1. I was hoping you can still make some stories about other characters on bleach like maybe a story about a character base on my trying to end up with soifon and yoruichi and that character can copy other people moves but if you are done with bleach I want to say thank you so much for making something every one likes I hope you read this bye for now

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