4 Reasons Why I Stopped Writing Anime Reviews

This isn’t actually part of my content plan, but I felt like it has to be written down.

Few days ago, I received an email from a blog reader (name I wouldn’t specify for privacy reasons) asking me if I wouldn’t write any other anime reviews anymore.

The quick answer? No, I don’t think so.

Well yes, I did once.

I was once among those avid anime reviewers who love sharing impressions and general opinions on the recent anime series they’ve watched. In fact, this blog is originally created to house my reviews.

But there came a point when I decided to stop it.  And it’s not because I don’t like reviewing anymore.  In fact, when I made the decision, I felt like I’m killing an important part of my writing routine.

It wasn’t easy.

But preference and perception change. To that email sender, and perhaps to anyone else who’s curious, here are the reasons why I stopped.

There are already a lot of anime reviewers. Awesome ones!

This isn’t a complain. Nope, not at all. I pay high respect to anime reviewers and admire their ability to stay consistent and updated all throughout their blogging routine.

Reviewing  may look like a piece of cake, but I’ve been there. Sometimes, writing one review for a really nice or crappy anime takes longer than other type of posts.

So yes.  After months of writing reviews, I found out that there are actually a lot of anime bloggers who do the same thing as I do. Our opinions, of course, vary and that’s really cool.

But one day I found myself asking, “Isn’t there anything else I can do? Like differently?”

Anyway, if you’re looking for some nice reviews, here are blogs I personally recommend:

My current work doesn’t allow me to watch anime as often as I did when I first started the blog.

I was finishing college when I first launched this blog, and despite the workload at school, I can still find time to watch anime on weekends or during vacation breaks.

When I started working,  it changed. And let’s face it.  If you can’t have time to watch a series, you have nothing to review about.

I realized I like reading reviews more than writing them.

The realization came in later, but as soon as it did,  I figured that it would probably be better to shift my writing focus to something else.

I enjoy reading varied views on a single anime series, and I found it a really good learning experience too!

I want to provide a different angle on the series I follow.

When I watch anime, I usually take notes and screenshots for great images, quotes, questions and all.  There are times when watching the series objectively, for the sake of creating a detailed review, detaches me from the emotion or subliminal message the story tries to convey.

I have the tendency to become too critical with the art, storytelling, animation and the like and I think it’s fine.

But other than the technicalities of a series, I like finding something that viewers might’ve missed – something which can make the anime more memorable despite its minimal number of episodes.  

There’s more to the story than what meets the eye.  And I felt like there’s a better way to approach them apart from writing reviews.

I may have stopped writing anime reviews, but that doesn’t mean I’ll drop blogging entirely.  It’s just that I found a different approach on channeling what I want to share from the recent works I’ve watched.

Plus, I don’t have to struggle in catching up with the latest shows!

Again, this is purely preference.  This is in no way discouraging all anime reviewers and aspiring ones to stop. You are awesome guys! Keep those valuable opinions coming!


8 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I Stopped Writing Anime Reviews”

  1. Thanks for linking to me.
    I must admit, I love reading other reviews of anime as well. It is great seeing the different ways people have experienced a show and sometimes I am forced to rethink my own position (or at least consider why I came to the conclusions I did) which just adds to the enjoyment of viewing and reviewing anime.
    I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I realized I like reading reviews more than writing them.”
    I can relate to this one.

    One of my favorite things to do after finishing a series is checking out the reviews for it. I like hearing other people’s opinion on something I’d seen myself (partly the reason why I started ani-blogging), and seeing different interpretations from my own.

    However when I try to write a review.. I dunno, I get too invested to the point where I can’t be objective anymore. 😀


    1. Same here, Leap250-san! There’s already a lot of things we can get just by reading tons of reviews online. Sometimes, when I write reviews I end up realizing that ‘actually, someone has already written this before.’ and then I relapse to reading more reviews. Haha!


  3. I can relate to the job thing. It’s really hard to manage time the way you’d hope since you can’t always account for sudden and urgent things that pop up and require your attention thus shifting everything a bit every time. Can’t say much for my reviewing skills though hahaha. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to what you post 🙂


  4. You make all the valid points up of why anime reviewing can time consuming. I’ve been blogging for two years now have hardly wrote any anime reviews seems I only do one once a month at the moment.

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