Let’s Learn Japanese Idioms from Prince of Stride’s Dan-sensei!

I’ve recently finished watching Prince of Stride, an anime series focusing on a fictional sport, stride, which appears to be a combination of parkour and running. (though for the most part,  characters seemed to be more focused on the running as they don’t have any issues pulling off speed vaults and quadrupedal movements).

I’ve thought of making a review on this series, something sort of inspirational like the 18 Success Lessons from Sinbad,  but there just isn’t really much to say about this anime.

So I decided to go for one notable thing consistent to the entire series – Dan-sensei and his random Japanese idiom expressions.


“Donge Ichigen”
— An extremely rare object or event.

“Fuban Ritsu”
— An unwritten rule.

“Sokudan Sokketsu”
— To decide immediately, on the spot.

“Anchu Hiyaku”
— Maneuvering behind the scenes.

“Hankan Kuniku”
— Make necessary sacrifices to achieve results.

“Kendo Chorai”
— Redouble one’s effort.

“Yudan Taiteki”
— Not paying attention could result in failure.

“Kojitsu Bikyu”
— To spend the days idly and procrastinate.

“Kishi Kaisei”
— Recover from the brink of disaster.

“Ichinen Tsuuten”
— To will something very hard.

“Shichiten Hakki”
— To keep trying no matter how many times one fails.

“Zento Youyou”
— The future offers promising prospects.

“Taigan Jouju”
— A sincere wish coming true

“Ikkaku Zenkin”
— Get great results without really trying.

“Gashin Shoutan”
— Going through thick and thin to attain an objective.

“Kiu Soudai”
— Grand in one’s idea or mindset.

“Jisetsu Tourai”
— The time is ripe.

“Ichibyou Sokusai”
— One who is chronically ill takes care of oneself better.

“Ikka Danran”
— Happy family get together.

“Gouka Kenram”
— Luxurious and Gorgeous.

“Yuusou Kappatsu”
— Extremely vigorous.

“Toushi Manman”
— Brimming with fighting spirit.

“Tenka Taihei”
— Peace reign over the land.

“Funrei Doryuko”
— Making strenuous effort.

“Yuuki Rinrin”
— To be full of spirit.

Dan-sensei’s probably one of those side characters we often forget after the series, but his idioms come in handy when we need some random burst of inspiration.

So co-anime bloggers, Shichiten Hakki!


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