My Failed Struggle to Resist Yuri On Ice!

So the countdown to Yuri On Ice’s 4th episode begins.

Yes. I broke my own rule – to wait until the entire anime series is finished.

As I’ve mentioned on my previous  post about writing struggles, staying up-to-date with the recent anime releases is a huge challenge.

I can’t do it.

I’m an entire season behind and I’ve always stuck to the personal rule I’ve set to only watch a series once it’s completed because I find it easier to munch information and truly get into the story by not breaking the momentum just to wait for a whole week before the next episode comes out.

Enter Yuri on Ice.

Enter Viktor without warning.

Enter Yuri and Yurio and their fanboy-like devotion to Viktor.

I tried to brush the spoilers off. I did!

But being on Twitter and Tumblr everyday (especially every Thursdays) makes it insanely difficult NOT to stare at those beautiful gifs and suggestive fanarts from the amazing artists – slash – BL fans worldwide!

I felt my senses so harassed – visuals, music, taste ( because Katsudon happens to be one of my favorite Japanese foods).

Then there was the voice-acting.

I gave up. Finally I decided to stop resisting and just watch ONE episode – the PILOT episode.

But  who am I kidding? Of course ONE episode wouldn’t be enough. And I knew I’m so doomed when I finished watching the first three episodes  with Yurio’s Agape and  Yuri’s Eros still replaying all over my head – nonstop.

And NO Yuri! You didn’t just hug Viktor without warning! You didn’t.

The 4th episode needs  to be out, and I know the sentiment is shared by other fans, but unfortunately, we need to wait. The combined feeling of frustration from not being able to know immediately  what happens next ( Yes, instant gratification is at work here) and the excitement for what’s the next big surprise is…unbearable.


I’m used to watching anime series in one go. So the wait feels like an agonizing test of patience with no other options than to respect the predetermined airing schedule.

So yes, I just have to let this out.

You’re still reading this part?





26 thoughts on “My Failed Struggle to Resist Yuri On Ice!”

  1. Join us, join us! We are legion!

    You’re absolutely right. Staying up to date with anime is a huge challenge. The only way I can manage it is by dropping any of the ones I’m not interested in and whittle the watch list down to a handful. The beautiful thing about streaming is that we can always come back later and binge. It’s a good time to be an anime fan.

    At least we can share the agonising wait between episodes together. A week has never felt so long.

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  2. I can actually keep up to date with everything I’m watching. It’s a task and sometimes I skim a bit to be honest, but on the Yuri On Ice note yes it’s an awesome show. Definetely worth the hype and unique compared to most other sport animes.

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  3. I made a promise to myself to cut down my list this season from 14-15 shows to only 5 or 6.

    It’s currently at 9 shows.

    I blame it all on the convenience of streaming and watching on-demand. But then again, it’s BECAUSE it’s on-demand that I can actually incorporate spending time watching into my busy schedule. But yeah, there’s an “art” to trimming down your list, apparently. I used to watch all shows I picked up from start to finish, but now I can actually put down a show when I feel like it’s not really doing anything for me.

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  4. The struggle is real. I tend to avoid ongoing series and just wait till everything is out. Waiting for one piece is enough already. 〒▽〒 I try my best to avoid all ongoing anime just so I won’t be interested to go for that one pilot episode. ✘Д✘◍

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  5. Welcome to the dark side.

    My viewing and reviewing challenge for this year makes it extremely difficult to follow simulcasts on a weekly basis. Last season the only one I managed was Orange. This season I’m hooked on three – Izetta, Sangatsu no Lion, and Yuri!!! On Ice. I wanted to wait, just like you, but I can’t stop wanting more every time an episode finishes.


  6. It really is too beautiful too resist, and I’m not just talking about the boys in their shimmery skintight semi-see through outfits 😏 No, really, I’m not. All their performances are mesmerising, and my goodness Yuri doing his Eros routine. “I know who I’m performing this for.” *winks at Viktor* *Viktor whistles* *I just sit there like 😳❤️😳❤️😳❤️😩*

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    1. My heart and calm already left me even before that Eros performance. When Yuri was like telling Viktor to watch him in his attempt to become the tastiest Katsudon. LOL. Then he hugs Viktor the second after…I swear I’m…but yeah… his Eros performance was beautiful, sexy and so pure! It’s so obvious! There’s no question who he’s dancing for. It’s for Viktor. End of story.

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      1. I’d eat that Katsudon, for sure. But yeah, that was just an image to get him comfortable on the ice. He knew who he wanted to be Eros for all along really, he’s just too cute and shy to admit it to himself 😜

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  7. WELCOME TO HELL, IT’S NICE AND TOASTY HERE, sit down, take this blanket, have some snacks~!
    I love binging anime, so it being ongoing kills me, but it also weirdly fires me up and I end up watching other stuff after to sate the hollow inside ❤

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    1. True! I would’ve wanted to watch Yuri on Ice when it’s over, but it’s worth breaking the rules. Oh yeah….I’ll just go sit somewhere and grab a Yurio-printed blanket. (Katsudon for snacks definitely!)


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