8 Signs that You Should Give up and Drop an Anime Series

I’m writing this partly to share information and partly to cross-examine myself in terms of viewing preference.

For the past month alone, I’ve already dropped three anime series from my watch list, and it seemed like the current one I’m watching will soon join their ranks.

I don’t often drop shows included on my final cut, so the frequency feels quite unsettling.

Are there several bad shows produced last season, or is it just me becoming overly picky?  I can’t be certain.

What I’m certain of are these 8 recurring signs every time I ‘m on my way to dropping an anime series for good.

Excitement is gone. 

You no longer feel it.  That familiar feeling of longing once an episode is finished and the excitement for the next airing schedule is far gone.

Episodes look dull and you just don’t see any more spark on it.  Even the anime opening songs sound bad!

You know you’re wasting your time and watching starts to feel obligatory.

You watch an episode because that small voice in your head says ‘you have to.’  Perhaps it’s because you need it for your next blog post or maybe because your best friend said it was nice.

But honestly, you can’t rub off the feeling that the series has lost its allure.  It just doesn’t work for you anymore….yet for some reason you keep showing up.

For the sake of it.

You don’t care what happens to the characters / how the story ends

The protagonist is facing his biggest challenge yet you don’t care. You see bloodshed or amazing display of superpowers but you continually feel detached.

You start to become a passive viewer rather than actively sympathizing with what’s going on with the story. You don’t care anymore.

And you can’t wait for the series to end.

You start asking others whether you should continue or not

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the story. Maybe you’re just not in the mood. You seek justification for your growing inability to like the show.

You get even more confused when you see good reviews on the series but can’t see why it deserved the praise.

You do other things while watching the episode

There’s nothing to look out for so might as well do something while streaming. You skim through Twitter or Facebook while checking out the show  every now and then.

You start feeling like a masochist and feel even worse knowing that you’re tolerating it

Watching an episode feels agonizing. The temptation to skip it is strong but you feel guilty about breaking your routine. It’s like taking a crucial part of an important habit, and we know habits are difficult to build.

So you sit down, watch and agonize over what has become of the nice premise that gravitated you towards the show in the first place.

You warn others not to watch it because ‘it sucked!’

By this time, there’s no doubt. The anime sucks! The plot has no direction,  characters are lame,  the script is messed up and so on.

But it’s too late. Two more episodes and the series is over.  Even if you stop now, you feel like there’s no salvaging yourself from the impact brought about by the story’s decaying creative fiber.

So you hold your ground and continue watching,  making sure you save others from the tragic experience.

You feel depressed after an episode for all the wrong reason 

Your favorite character dies. You cry, feel depressed and hulk-smash whatever is within reach. I’ve been there.

When Itachi died,  I felt so lost and confused that I had to go on  a hiatus for any anime-related activities for almost a month.  No watching, no blogging, no reading. Nothing.

I was so upset. But at least there’s a decent reason for that.

If, however, you feel depressed because of watching a series that just doesn’t get any better, then that’s a different thing. There’s no point. That, in itself, is both a waste of our precious time and energy.

Bottom line?

Watch what you enjoy and quit enduring  bad shows that only drain your creative juices.


Mediocre anime shows exist. Consider them part of the options but be ready to lock them away when you see no reason to continue.

Is there any series you plan on dropping this season? Share your watching experience on the comments!

(Oh, and if you’re curious, the recent one I dropped is Servamp. The characterization and flow of story just doesn’t work for me…though I find Kuro funny and cute! ^_^)


34 thoughts on “8 Signs that You Should Give up and Drop an Anime Series”

  1. BBK/BRNK. But I read my review of the last episode of the previous season and realized I was actually quite convinced in the show’s ability to create a legitimately compelling world-view. It’s just that the current season is so gloriously f**ked up. Sigh.

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  2. I think the last shows I suffered through out of some misguided obligation to myself were Mirai Nikki and Guilty Crown. Never again. Now, if I can’t get into it or is actively irritated, I know to give it up.

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      1. I really couldn’t get into it. I watched it soon after Code Geass and it felt like a bad copy. Plus I hated the protag and that didn’t help. The soundtrack was great though.

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      2. Now that you mention it, yes. The protag isn’t that memorable. In fact I can’t recall much of the story anymore. I just remembered that I ‘once’ enjoyed and finished watching it. But I guess it just didn’t make a good impact in the end. I’ll go check the soundtrack.

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  3. I do a bit of research before I pick a show to watch (excluding new simulcasts) so I don’t have a lot of the problems you mentioned here. I think of all the series I did for my challenge this year, Red Data Girl is the only one I feel like I should have dropped but finished just because I was more than halfway in and I held out hope that the story would improve.

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  4. Lol, had to laugh a lot at the pictures of this post:great stuff 😂 Still, at times I’ve had a series where I might have quit, but continued and at the end ended up liking it very much (most recent example was Sword Art Online). But yeah, you are right, there are definitely more examples where I continued and ended up thinking at the end: why did I bother? 😀

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  5. Great list! I was able to relate to every one of that. But the decision to drop an anime is very hard for me. There was one time when I dropped an anime and told my friend about it, after hearing my tale he said that he enjoyed that anime. Now since he has a good taste in these kind of things, I decided to give it a shot. But in the end, it still turned out to be shit!

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    1. I can relate! At the end of the day it all boils down to your preference. Even your best friend can have an entirely different taste from yours. I’ve learned my lesson. I still welcome suggestions, but the final call (whether to drop or continue watching) is on me. I’m glad you find this relatable!

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  6. Fantastic post on this topic of dropping anime from this list for me would be the story has gone bland and I’m confused with what is going on that is what happened when I watched aquarion logos. I love the aquarion series when this new one came out was excited but by episode 5 I couldn’t watch it anymore was left feeling soo confused. These days it’s rare for me to drop a show currently going back through my backlog anime to give some shows a chance again as for reasons I either got distracted or I was not getting into
    It. My mind is more open now than say it was years ago so I’m not afraid to drop something I don’t enjoy but great accurate points you made 👍🏼👍🏼

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  7. Thanks for making this! These “symptoms” I guess is EXACTLY what happens to me, except the telling everyone the show sucks part.
    This was pretty interesting, and honestly I think a few people needed to see it. Again, thanks!

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