2 Things that Went Wrong with Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

There’s only one reason why I decided to give this anime a go – its premise

I’ve come across this show from a review written by TwoHappyCats . Reading the gist of it sounds compelling enough so I thought, why not? 

It’s basically about a straight guy who likes BL. That’s it.

Simple. Unique. Interesting.

When fudanshi (left) meets a fujoshi (right)
When fudanshi (left) meets a fujoshi (right)

We’re so used to the wide female fanbase supporting BL so this idea seemed like a good deviation from the typical. And it was.

At least for the first 2 short episodes. But while the premise was enough to kick-start  the show in good light, it failed miserably in its storytelling aspect.

And it’s because of these two crucial things.

Lack of plot

The story doesn’t have any direction. I’m not going to spoil any specifics, but if you’re looking for some sense and meaning in your viewing experience, this show isn’t for you.

Fudanshi - Guys who like BL
Fudanshi – Guys who like BL

There wasn’t any clear focus despite the random struggle the main guy encounters. To be fair, his struggles were real and I can actually see it happening in real life. But the lack of  story direction ultimately makes it pointless.

Absence of character development

If we love the characters, we most certainly love the story too. We root for characters whom  we can sympathize. They struggle, they fight, they fail then hopefully at the end, succeed.

Fudanshi spots two guys sitting close and he thinks it's BL!
Fudanshi spots two guys sitting close and he thinks it’s BL!

Our main guy in this story meets friends. But for some reason, we don’t see any significant development that could make him a strong and memorable character. Yes, he likes BL. Cool. Now, what?

Nothing much really.

Bottom line

I’m partial to recommending Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu. It’s not for everyone.  But while I DID NOT get hooked by its storytelling, I did enjoy watching the individual episodes.

It’s not something memorable and I don’t think that’s the point for creating this series too.  It’s more like something you can watch when looking for short, random, comedy with a light theme. A random stress reliever.

Hardcore Fujoshis will likely be interested.


To anyone who has watched the show, how was it?


9 thoughts on “2 Things that Went Wrong with Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu”

  1. I enjoyed the couple of episodes of this that I watched but it wasn’t going anywhere so I just stopped watching and never really felt I was missing out. It would have been nice to see some sort of development rather than just situational reactions each episode.

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  2. Oh no you didn’t like it :'(? I really enjoyed the series as a gag anime, especially since at lot of the interactions the characters had with each other, I’d actually had with friends before. But yeah I wish they had longer episodes, would have had a lot more opportunity for character and story development. But the manga series is set out in the same way, so unfortunately they didn’t have much to work with 😥

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  3. Hmm? My main concern with the series is its criminally short screen time. I am currently watching Kiss Him, Not Me at the moment and I am enjoying the hell out of it. Both series tackled (our) these lifestyles but I think we could have had more if it runs for at least 10 minutes an episode..

    … but then, there’s this She and Her Cat which managed to develop Daru and the unnamed female lead in a span of 4 episodes. Ugh.

    As for the characters, I only cared about Guchi and his fujoshi friend. All others? Nah.

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  4. I dropped this about three episodes in, so I’m glad to see I wasn’t missing some massive turnaround in the show’s quality. The main thing that disappointed me and Dominic was that it seemed like Sakaguchi was actually gay and using his fudanshi identity as a cover, while none of his friends were willing to help. Either that or they didn’t care enough to notice.

    I was thinking it might start out as a straight-up comedy and then introduce more drama as his friends help him accept his sexuality. But his friends are all kind of framed as being ‘in on the joke’. Whenever he said he wasn’t gay, everyone just brushed it off and that was that. I found that quite sad. I’m sure in the context of the show he really is just a guy who loves BL, but the subtext said something different for us.

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