Yuri!!! On Ice Ep 8: Makkachin don’t die!

Can we all take a moment to step back from the canon Viktuuri pair according to Buzzfeed, and talk about Makkachin’s life and death situation?

No, this isn’t a review. And yes, it’s absolutely  unplanned.

As some of you might’ve known, I kind of went into hiatus
with anime reviewing, and I haven’t really done any episode
review apart from that random YOI reaction post the other time.

But Yuri!!! On Ice’s episode 8 calls for an emergency!

One of my reasons for watching the anime, Makkachin, is sent to the vet for an apparently severe choking case caused by that steamed bun that got stuck in his throat!

I don’t want to panic but the call Yuri received sounded serious and I just can’t sit back and be happy with all the beautiful performances while my (our) dear Makkachin is fighting for his life!

At least we got a hint that Viktor’s flying back to Japan.

But what about Makkachin? How’s he doing? Where is he treated? What’s the initial diagnosis?

And what do you mean by THIS?!

Makkachin’s too precious to die! It can’t be!

Setting this random, wild reaction aside, what do you think of the 8th episode? And who else is worried for Makkachin’s safety?!


20 thoughts on “Yuri!!! On Ice Ep 8: Makkachin don’t die!”

    1. Yes! I mean, yes to all you’ve said! Yurio and everyone…this episode just had several points to focus on -the performances (esp.JJ), Yurio’s back story and all. But the terrible news about Makkachin probably rocked me most. They better not get rid of him!

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  1. Actually, those are mocchi offerings on the alter, so they’re very sticky and can easily get lodged in a dog’s throat.

    Okay, I’m not being very helpful now, am I?

    *prays to God for Makkachin’s safety*

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  2. Uwah! My heart is crying. Makkachin is important but if Viktor flies back to Japan, he’s going to miss Yuri’s performance! Noooooo! Makkachin…Yuri’s performance. Makkachin…Yuri’s performance! Ah! My head and my heart hurt! Just don’t die Makkachin! If he dies AND Viktor misses Yuri’s performance, I would be so furious, I don’t even know….. I can’t even…..Ah. On the edge…..of insanity.

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  3. I still haven’t seen this show, but it’s just about the most talked about Anime on nearly every blog lol. As I usually wait with watching till the show is finished, I’m going to resist to start watching it (lol) but I honestly have to say that I am very curious about it.

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  4. Honestly, I was unsurprised by a sudden emergency. Things had been rolling very smoothly except for Yuri’s own insecurities and as they were being dealt with (not solved but they weren’t actually blocking him directly anymore) it seemed like something had to happen. I wasn’t expecting it to be the dog though and that was kind of sad until I thought back and realised that they gave us some clear foreshadowing of this when they left Japan. Now I’m torn as to whether the dog will survive or not but if it dies this could be my saddest anime death for the year.

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    1. NOOO!!!!! I’ll be devastated I don’t even want to think of the possibility of Makkachin leaving us! But I agree. At this point of the series, something has to happen. But….surely there’s a better way to achieve whatever the creators wanted without killing Makkachin.

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      1. Surely just threatening the dog’s life is enough particularly if it sends Victor out of Russia while Yuri competes in terms of creating tension in the story but who knows what they’ll end up doing. It is an anime.

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