What’s Your Take on these 7 Issues Left by D. Gray-man Hallow?

Any series can be satisfying either as a complete show or a precursor to an expected ‘next’ season.

D. Gray-man Hallow can be qualified under the latter.

I find it generally satisfying considering where it left us on the 1st season, but it wasn’t exactly something that gave me closure. If a third season is in store, then that’s fine.

But if the creators decide to end the franchise for good,  I’ll see it as a rather waste of a very good plot, characters and villains.  Plus, it’s quite apparent how the second season wasn’t intending to let our dear exorcists settle down.

After all, it left us these 7 issues that still demand answers and closure before we could let this entire exorcist – akuma conflict die down.

Is Marian Cross really dead?

My theory: He’s not. He appeared to be, but I just don’t see how the Marian Cross badassery could simply be taken down by a single gunshot. Even Allen’s reaction when he first learned of the supposed ‘murder’ incident didn’t give out any clue of his master’s presumed eternal repose.

Marian was shot. That’s a fact. He’s body that appeared lifeless was found, yes.  But I believe he wasn’t dead. He, with or without the approval of the Black Order’s higher echelons, might’ve left the headquarters for another investigation surrounding the attack. That’s what he do. Appear, cause some commotion, then disappear without a trace.

Where could’ve Lady Road been gone? Or kidnapped? Invited? Summoned? 

I don’t have any idea but I’m betting that she’s either dead or in hiding and secretly following Allen Walker.

What’s the real deal between Nea (the 14th Noah) and Lady Road?

What I think: They’re good friends. And given that Allen was the 14th’s reincarnation of some sort, it justifies my previous theory of Lady Road following Allen. Discreetly.

Are the Apocryphos the good guys? 

Apocryphos are no humans, so they don’t really have any qualms of qualifying good from evil as long as they fulfill their duty of protecting the precious Innocence.

Ideally, they should work with the exorcists, but I think the former sees the latter as mere tools for the erradicating the Akuma and the Noah clan. They have to be the good guys but I don’t think they’re living up to that reputation.

What does the Millenium Earl mean when he said he wants to be with the 14th?

Theory :  The earl and Nea have a familial relationship. It’s exactly why Nea’s the only Noah capable of moving the Ark other than the Earl. I’m betting that they’re brothers, or twins.

The earl’s attachment to the 14th is more than just about the latter being part of the Noah clan. It’s more like his personal desire to get reacquainted with a long-lost family  member.

What could be Allen Walker’s plans after running away from the Order and the Noah clan?

For anyone who has watched the series, I guess we all have to agree that Allen’s decision is a turning point of the story. I could go over this thoroughly but that will be for a separate post.

It was unclear what, where and how Allen would proceed from this defection, which might be a good starting point if ever a season three is coming.

Is the 3rd Exorcist project still a go?

Combining the Innocence with akuma cells to enhance exorcists’ battle capacities obviously backfired at great cost.  But we couldn’t just assume that Black Order would stop trying just because it cost them lives of their own comrades.


If any, the failure might just become a catalyst for few ambitious and daring officers to pursue the project and exhaust all efforts to succeed in their experiment – regardless of the cost.

I like D. Gray-man Hallow in general. Compared to the first season, it obviously attempted to lighten the feels by adding more humor on its character dialogues without destroying the story’s drama, conflict and tension.

What do you think? Any theories on the issues I raised?  Do you think they’re enough to merit a third season just for the sake of giving us answers?

Bare your theories on the comments! Like if you think Marian Cross -sishou is still alive!


(Source: Tumblr)
(Source: Tumblr)

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Take on these 7 Issues Left by D. Gray-man Hallow?”

  1. I loved Hallow but you are right it really is just a bridge from where we were to a future season that may never exist. Personally I don’t think Cross is dead (because how do you kill Cross) but I could be wrong given this show has never been shy about killing off its characters. I’m more interested in what Bookman knows about the 14th and how he knows it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I get a little confused by your use of seasons. The original series had 2 seasons, a 52 episode season and a 51 episode season. Hallow is also a continuation series sequel, not a new season. The questions you ask are on-point and I doubt the series will reach a conclusion with a Hallow Season 2 with 13 more episodes. The 13 episode format made the series seemed rushed and didn’t provide the backstory, explanations and character development that made the original series great. We would have needed two 24 episode seasons to complete the series.

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    1. Oh yeah my bad. I watched s1 & 2 all the way so I’ve always counted it as one. And true, there are still a lot of things left unexplained for Hallow. If the creators decide to do another sequel, that would be nice.


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