Flame of Recca Manga Ending – Happy but still Hurts

Flame of Recca anime ended long ago and while I considered it one of my favorites, I was hoping that it didn’t end that way.

I also didn’t care to read the manga because well, I’ve always favored the animated version way back in elementary years. It’s the very reason why I never learned about its continuation in the manga up until last week.

It was a happy ending. For Recca, his friends, and basically for everyone who managed to survive.

Needless to say, evil has been defeated a.k.a Mori Kouran (Yes! He didn’t die just like what the anime version showed!)

Of course, I’m happy too! I felt like Mr. Nobuyuki Anzai, the mangaka, really did well in providing closure, intensifying friendship and caring for all the characters.

Even the villains got their own fair share of memorable parts! In fact, there were some of them you’ll most likely end up rooting for because of their unique personalities.

But if your ultimate bias is Kurei (Recca’s brother and the main antagonist in the anime series), I’d bet you’ll join me in spending some moments of silence and perhaps crying for how his story ended.

Frankly, Kurei was happy. He was happy in the story. But I’m still not fully capable of feeling that yet. Not with how it ended for him. (WAIT! SPOILERS ON BULLET  POINTS! SKIP IF YOU DON’T LIKE!)

  • His first actual and personal encounter with his father also became the final goodbye!



  • His flames vanished – which means he’ll also never see Kurenai and Jisho again even in flame form!


  • He decided to use his remaining Hokage power to open a gate that would lead him back in time – during the warring period fought by his father. TAKE NOTE: It’s like a one-way trip!There’s no coming back to the present time.
  • And with that he disbands URUHA, leaving Raiha and Neon – his loyal followers and friends behind.


  • Ultimately, he decides to live in the past rather than start a new life at present.

Maybe that’s just how the story works. Perhaps Kurei’s character is meant to be an enigma of peace and contentment amidst a solitary life (although he wasn’t entirely alone).

Why would Kurei want that? He could’ve started anew with Raiha and Neon. Why live in the past when there isn’t even a chance that he’ll see his real mother again? Why? I badly want to know.

Actually I have a theory, but I’d like to leave that out for a separate post. For now, I’m on the same page with Kaoru


So yes. It has ended. But I’ll probably need a couple of more days to recover. (I’m quite bent on understanding Kurei’s motivation! I can’t just let him go like that! LOL!)

Anyway, I’m just happy Kaoru’s there to tag along. That’s right! Kurei needs some serious loving and support! He deserves happiness like everyone does!



I’m now starting to become too emotional so before I start crying again I just want to say that if Flame of Recca’s part of your childhood like with mine, then you might want to read the manga version! You’re missing a lot of jokes, drama, revelations and awesome characters if you don’t!

TRIVIA: The anime ended at around chapter 157. Complete manga version runs until the 329th chapter. 

(I ended up spoiling more details than I intended, and for that I apologize.)

Lastly,  those who finished reading the manga, I’m most certainly interested to hear any of your thoughts on how this ended!


5 thoughts on “Flame of Recca Manga Ending – Happy but still Hurts”

  1. I haven’t read it watched Flame of Recca, but I did read some of his other works, MIXiM★11 and MÄR. His artstyle is beautiful, in my opinion.

    The logic behind Kurei going back to the past doesn’t make sense to me, either. It’d be cool if the author was ever interviewed and he explained why.

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    1. As I mentioned in the post, I have a theory. Kurei’s born in the past era to begin with and he was just transported to the present world by some sort of jutsu. I think Kurei would just want to return to the world where he really belongs.

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