7 Thoughts Tsukishima Kei Proved Right from Haikyuu S3!

There’s no doubt about it. Tsukishima ‘Tsukki’ Kei owned Haikyuu s3! I don’t even know where to begin or whether I should write a review, a reaction post, a photo spread or just do all of them together all for the sake of appreciating Tsukki’s beautiful, stunning and most awaited character development!


Heyitszel wasn’t lying when she said Haikyuu S3 is Tsukki’s season! It was. But I guess most, if not all of those who’ve watched, know that by now. I’ve already seen lots of in-depth reviews like what Crimson did and they basically captured what I felt when watching the series.

Setting my Haikyuu-fueled, Tsukki-harassed emotional status aside, I’d like to share some thoughts, we might’ve heard of in the past, which Tsukki proved right in their battle against Shiratorizawa Gakuen.

1. Timing is everything

I often read this in business articles. And it’s a nice thing to see it work well in volleyball. If Tsukki didn’t take the initiative to set the timing of their blocks against Ushijima-sama (yes, my utmost respect goes to the guy), they’ll probably not going to make it.

Shiratorizawa being a powerhouse was a fact and  Satori was a real pain. A fresh breather and funny but still a pain.


There’s literally nobody in Karasuno who could deduce time difference in jumps and blocks better than how Tsukki did. Combined with his height, hawk-like focus and natural ability to keep annoying people at bay, he did really well in turning the tables to their favor. Tsukki and his timing.

2.Stress is mental

Who doesn’t know what stress feels like? I guess we’ve all been there. One has the tendency to feel stressed when under pressure and such was the case on Shiratorizawa’s setter, Shirabu who felt the first wave of stress when Tsukki kept on blocking the spikes he sets. It’s a setter thing, and I guess Kageyama had the feeling captured nicely when he said,


It’s not mainly an issue of stamina, because we’ve all seen how they’re paving well on the first half of the match. And Tsukki understood better.

If he can’t get their defenses down physically, he’ll just have to go for the mental battle. And he did. Tsukki and his smartass instincts.

3.Your right time to shine will come

THIS season, is that right time for Tsukki, and I’m so happy! Kampaii!


He’s always been that passive character in the past two seasons who we knew had the skills and physical advantage but lacked the motivation to actually make a name for himself. Not that Tsukishima needed it.

He’s that character who doesn’t want to be the center of attention but ends up getting noticed not just by his looks (because let’s face it, he’s a bishie), but his sarcastic, overconfident attitude that always successfully pisses off our main duo – Hinata and Kageyama!


I wasn’t expecting much of him this season too. But I am so dead wrong. And I couldn’t be happier to be wrong this time! So yes, he had minimal roles to play in the past. But those were long over. Now Tsukki’s brilliantly shining – just like how the moon is meant to be!

4.Planning takes time.

It doesn’t seem like it, but it took Tsukki considerable amount of time to perfect a strategy that would work best against Ushijima-sama. He’s been practicing even before the official matches and has probably gone over that monstrous thesis-slash-documents they’ve compiled about Shiratorizawa.


He’s got a plan. Perhaps not a solid one mainly because of Ushijima-sama’s over-the-top skills, but he did make a huge difference. Without him, Karasuno might not have won.

5.Sarcasm works wonders

Sarcasm is a skill. Tsukki is a master. It’s an efficient skill for annoying those annoying people.


6.Focus is necessary for success

The rest might’ve started to panic, but Tsukishima stayed focus all throughout the game. He didn’t hurry, he kept on observing and mentally played out possible scenarios that could help block Ushijima-sama and the rest of Shiratorizawa’s attacks.


7.It’s possible to concentrate under pressure

Not everyone can do it, and pressure’s always been notorious for causing stress. Tsukki got stressed when none of his blocks are stopping Ushijima-sama’s power spikes. But rather than succumb to the pressure and end up ruining one’s focus on the game, it only made him more concentrated on finding the right rhythm to finally break Shiratorizawa’s winning streak.


Haikyuu season 3 is a worth it 10-episode series I’d highly recommend to everyone! Yes, even to non-sports fans. Of course, you’ll need to start from the first season to get the best feels all the way!

Enjoy watching! And Tsukki stans?  Raise your voices and make some noise! It’s your time to shine!

23 thoughts on “7 Thoughts Tsukishima Kei Proved Right from Haikyuu S3!”

  1. I haven’t watch the anime yet because I can only download it after it finishes airing (which sucks) but I’m really anxious to see how much Tsukishima has grown. Ever since he appeared, I have been rooting for him instead of Kageyama and Hinata, but he hardly had any screen time, I think my wish will be fulfilled in this season. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Tsukki owned S3, me and my soul, because I was on fire from seeing change so much!
    His “hi, I’m the normal guy” line KILLED ME, Tsukki made them all so pressed, bless 😹😹😹👌
    The moon needs a strong light from the sun to shine bright, so Hinata improving so much and egging them all on really helped making the whole team move forward, Tsukki culminating it all like he did was the cake and cherry in one go!
    Tsukki’s sarcasm and resting bitch face are the best, he made me laugh so dang much, bless!
    I can’t wait for S4!


  3. They might have to revoke my Tsukki Fan Club membership card! How did I miss this post!?

    They really should have named this season: The Rise of Kei Tsukishima, because dude killed it this season! Haikyuu is known for giving us some phenomenal character growth, but this was magic! Tsukki grew so much in this season, from the aloof jerk in season 1 to a bonafide member of the team! I couldn’t have been more proud of our boy (lol which is probably why my Twitter is practically a shrine to the guy)!! Fantastic post!!

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    1. YES!!! It would’ve been nice for the season to have more episodes for more Tsukki glory but we can’t be choosy, can we! It’s meaningful not just because it’s Tsukki the aloof but because the game’s against the strongest team in their prefecture! He is the real MVP in that game indeed!

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  4. Yes omg! I was waiting for tsukki to do this and i literally screamed when he shut down Ushiwaka. The points are so well writen, what the heck lol.
    I don’t remember, did they have an MVP award to tsukishima?

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