Otaku Gift Ideas Straight from My Own Anime Collection!

Christmas has passed but it’s never too late to pick some gifts for your anime friends this coming New Year!

Of course, anyone will accept whatever you pick for them, but wouldn’t it be nice to give something that interests that person? For anime fans, there are lots of options, and I’ll be sharing  some stuff I had for years which you might probably use as reference for your gift-hunting!

Black Leather / Sturdy Plastic CD case

Black is my favorite color, but other than that, it’s also kind of a practical choice when you’re choosing an item meant to protect valuable things.

My anime CD collection all placed in secure, black cases.
My anime CD collection all placed in secure, black cases.

Anime-themed CD case

If you’d like more vibrant covers for your CD case, you can go for those with anime prints. I got this gift from a Japanese friend who knew well enough of my love for Prince of Tennis.

So when he visited the Philippines for an English crash course, he decided to bring one memento.

Yukimura, Tezuka, Sanada and Fuji in one frame - nice positioning!
Yukimura, Tezuka, Sanada and Fuji in one frame – nice positioning!


Anime coloring books

For friends who likes coloring, painting and splashing colors on canvasses once in a while.

Cool Sasuke and chibi Itachi
Cool Sasuke and chibi Itachi

Anime magazines

With almost all anime updates now available online, it’s easy to see why seasonal magazines may not be as popular as how it was decades ago.


Still, a friend or two may favor collecting hard copies of their favorite monthly anime magazines. After all, nothing beats something tangible.

Personally, I love holding magazines, books, and any printed reading materials than reading them online!

Anime Notebooks

Regardless if the recipient is still at school or not, notebooks come in handy every now and then. For anime friends who likes blogging, drawing and note-taking, giving them few anime-printed notebooks might be a great choice!


I enjoyed taking notes of useful Japanese phrases and sentences in the past, so I bought a large One Piece notebook and added some medium-sized Prince of Tennis and Bleach notebooks for my attempt to self-study the Hiragana and Katakana characters.



Anime Stickers

I find it quite beautiful to place stickers on bond papers and put them inside clear books to somehow slow down its wearing.


My sticker collection is already eight years old (turning nine since I started it way back 2008).  I arrange them in categories like the specific anime, character, and genre. You can do the same as a gift!

Sasuke section on top and X-Clamp page at the bottom
Sasuke section on top and X-Clamp page at the bottom

It takes time, though, but the act itself is kind of a stress reliever (for me, at least).

Anime Travel Accessories

This is probably one of the easiest things to give especially if your anime friend likes traveling. Plus, they’re pretty much available in your local anime shops!

Clockwise: camera pouch, key chain, wallet and eye mask
Clockwise: camera pouch, key chain, wallet and eye mask


There’s a huge change that your friend already has his or her own manga collection. But if he or she’s still planning to buy a volume, feel free to volunteer and buy it on his behalf.



I like playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the past. Now I’m not sure if I can still remember how it’s done. If you’ve got someone who’s an active card gamer (not just Yu-Gi-Oh), the giving him or her a full deck might be enough to impress!



Lucy’s Complete Key Set

It’s a great choice for Fairy Tail fans who may or may not necessarily have Lucy as their ultimate bias. I once had a complete set on my own but I ended up giving some to a few friends.


Anime Journal

This one’s basically synonymous with the notebooks, but with a  more ‘special’ touch when it comes to quality. It’s perfect for friends who likes journaling, keeping diaries and the like.


Pocket-sized notepads

A simple gift if you’re looking for something handier than a notebook and something you can easily stuff in your pockets.


Complete Sakura or Clow Cards

Definitely a fine choice for Sakura fans! I found one with a complete instructional guide on how to play it, but it’s written in Japanese so…


Giving gifts doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, you can give something you own. I and few of my friends didn’t buy brand new items last Christmas. We exchanged books from our own library and that’s it.

Experience and bonding matter more. Happy New Year!




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        Ahaha. Okay, just kidding. I take back that stereotype. Don’t want to offend anyone. But you understand what I’m talking about. Ah, that OP notebook.

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