Makkachin Appreciation Post: 3 Things That Make Him 2016’s Pet MVP!

Right. Yuri!!! On Ice has ended.

It’s over.

Let it sink in.

Accept it, okay?

There’s a good chance it will get a second season, but for now, we all have to get used to waking up on Thursdays and accept the fact that it has ended. For now.

But I’ve been dying to write something Makkachin-related post apart from my random panic attack reaction in the past and I can’t just let 2016 pass by without it.

And so, since there’s no more episode to stream, I’ll just send some YOI vibes on your WordPress reader c/o the most adorable, Russian dog in the entire 2016 season!

1.He’s allowed to sleep beside Viktor

Lucky dog. Makkachin’s literally been with Viktor since the start of the latter’s career! Viktor hugs him, talks to him, and brings him anywhere he goes.


He’s been in Viktor’s private quarters more than anyone does and if he can only understand human language, he’ll definitely be able to tell us lots of things about his owner the story failed to highlight.

2.He’s traveled around the world – all expenses paid

Who said dogs are meant to stay at home? With Viktor’s rather busy professional life,  you can expect Makkachin to be pulled in the flashy lifestyle too!


He’s included in Viktor’s selfie and even has his own photo folder in Viktor’s phone. He’s the most carefree celebrity dog everyone loves and Makkachin knows it – which is probably why he just felt fine being left in the Katsuki household during Yuri and Viktor’s Beijing competition.

3.He’s officially a part of the Viktuuri family

He is! He’s so loved by our beloved canon pair enough for Viktor to fly back immediately after learning Makkachin’s unexpected choking incident.


Yuri loves him too as evident on how he insisted on letting his coach-slash-special-someone leave while he’s still set for an event the next day.

And when Yuri finally got back to Japan? Makkachin was there to welcome him first! And look how adorable he is…trying to join the hug!

Makkachin and his adorable effort to hug his family!
Makkachin and his adorable effort to hug his family!

Makkachin is adorable, and while we don’t get to hear him say anything like those magical pets and mascots present in other anime shows, his character is pretty much solid.

I love Makkachin! Do you?



10 thoughts on “Makkachin Appreciation Post: 3 Things That Make Him 2016’s Pet MVP!”

  1. OMG i love this!! Also, as an impulse buy, crunchyroll was taking orders for the Makkachin tissue box. I totally caved and bought it. Welp, at least I’ll have makkachin holding tissues for when I ugly cry during really sad anime episodes

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