1st BATTLEDOME: The Scarier ‘Aniki’ – Illumi Zoldyck VS. Itachi Uchiha

The signal jam has been lifted! Yes, after 2 days of zero connection to cellular sites and WiFi, I’m finally back! If you’re curious what happened in our city to merit the mandatory signal shutdown, you can read it here.

But now, I am officially starting the week by debuting BATTLEDOME FEATURE post!

Battledome on: Who is the scarier ‘Aniki‘ (older brother)

Our contenders: Illumi Zoldyck of Hunter X Hunter and Itachi Uchiha of Naruto Shippuden


The parameters of the battle:

  • someone whose presence alone evoke more terror
  • someone whose ‘scary’ brotherly presence is recognized even by the other characters of the series apart from the contenders’ direct family members
  • someone whom the prospect ‘younger brother’ fears the most in their family

To strike a common ground for our contenders, we’ll have to look at them from the viewpoint of this battle’s prospect younger brothers Killua Zoldyck and Sasuke Uchiha.

Assuming that you’ve watched both series, we’ll try to put ourselves in the shoes of Killua and Sasuke to see (and feel) who among the two contenders deserve the ‘Scarier Aniki’ title.


Scenarios: Brother encounters

On their first meeting after a long time of not seeing each other

Illumi shows up with his gentle face during the Hunter exam, greeting Killua with a fake-looking smile.

Itachi invades Konoha with Kisame as a threat, meeting Sasuke in the process and making sure their strength difference is made clear.

On dealing with their brothers’ friends

Illumi casually declares that he will kill Gon (Killua’s best friend) just so his brother would go back home.

Itachi testing Naruto’s skill in battle.

Why Illumi or Itachi will win – my subjective assessment


Between the two, I think Illumi’s face looks more daunting. His laidback, feigned display of innocence also has this tendency to put you on edge by just the sight of him walking closer.

I completed watching both versions of Hunter X Hunter (1999 and 2011), and I can say for sure that he’s not particularly the guy that would strike you as a brother figure considering his twisted reasoning which somehow defies reason in the first place.

I felt Killua’s fear every time they cross path. And while they don’t necessarily have to fight, the tension is there.

Killua knows his current skill is way behind his brother’s. He’s also aware that Illumi wouldn’t have second thoughts of hurting him and his friends if given the chance.

While Illumi suggests concern for Killua’s welfare, I believe his affection is best termed as an ‘obsession.’ For whatever specific reason, we do not know.

But one thing is clear, which is also a fact – Illumi will kill his ‘supposed’ friend Hisoka for even suggesting that he plays with his little brother. If you know who Hisoka is, you’ll fear Illumi too.

If I’m in Killua’s place, I’d rather not have Illumi as my brother. But since he is, I’d try my best not to cross paths with him. Ever.

I’m gonna run, use my lightning speed technique and go somewhere far, far away from my terrifying, ruthless brother!

Oh yes, I’ll try not to use private phones and social media because well, Illumi’s obsessed. And he’ll threaten Milluki (the other brother who’s a computer genius) to hack my phone and find my location! Just like this!

No way!

And it’s not paranoia. Having an assassin brother is one. But making that assassin brother as Illumi Zoldyck who happen to be obsessed with you is just…a pain. So yes, hundred percent precaution is a must.


Itachi scares me. In as much as how I love him, he’s that brother I wouldn’t wish for. Sasuke’s admiration towards Itachi has its reason primarily because of skill.

But as we got to know more of Itachi’s character, we see the extent of his vision and self-sacrifice, which while admirable at one point, is also crazy.

I’m not questioning his love for Sasuke because I’m convinced that it’s genuine. But it’s his passion that creates the most unpredictable reaction to an equally skilled and passionate Sasuke who, after learning about his aniki’s feat, ended up becoming more vengeful.

Itachi can do that much. And let’s be honest, being kept in the dark, lied to and betrayed by the person you respected most is both scary and frustrating.

The thing is, Itachi doesn’t care. He knew Sasuke would hate him, but if it would mean things will soon fall into place, he’s willing to carry the burden. It’s selfless as it is selfish.

In short, it’s complicated. And complicated breeds misunderstanding. Misunderstanding breeds distrust. And distrust, the precursor to conflict.

If I’m in Sasuke’s place, I’d rather not have Itachi as my brother. But since he is, I’d probably pester him to tell me what’s going on, so he’ll stop shouldering everything for his grand mission and just let it go.

But given Itachi’s stance and my limited capacity to discern his wisdom I’ll probably stay away. I choose peace of mind. And having an Itachi-caliber brother is a call for tragic complication.

Kotowaru! (I refuse!)

My respect remains with Itachi but I’m scared of what I’ll become after he drags me into his plan of supposedly ‘protecting’ me at
all cost. So yes,….anyone but Itachi.

Bottom line

Both are scary in their own twisted way. Who wins the ‘Scarier Aniki’ title is a matter of who evokes the feeling of ‘fear’ bigger than all other emotions.

Of course, I can’t prove anything much with my subjective descriptions but if you’ve seen both series, you’ll
probably have your own pick by now.

The Winner

You and I shall decide! I’ll be revealing it on Battledome 2 feature based on votes AND reason which you can cast through the comments section or via private message on my Contact page.

So, minna-san….who’s aniki scares you more? Name him and tell us why! (You got to give a reason to make it more convincing!)


I like them both. For all the right and wrong reasons. It’s complicated. I know. Ignore me.


17 thoughts on “1st BATTLEDOME: The Scarier ‘Aniki’ – Illumi Zoldyck VS. Itachi Uchiha”

  1. This is a hard one… I don’t have a strong reason but I choose Illumi as the scarier one. This is mostly because you never see any shred of kindness from Illumi even though he is protecting his brother in his own way. For Itachi, we get to see his loyalty and he actually admits that he’s made mistakes. For that, it’s easier for me to reason that Itachi isn’t a scary guy because he cares while Illumi seems like a crazy guy.

    I’m hoping that made sense!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been eager to see a Battledome post since you mentioned it and it’s absolutely wonderful.

    As for choosing…wellll, it’s complicated because while I am familiar with both characters, my knowledge of Itachi is second-hand and I watched HxH a while a go and stopped shortly after Phantom Troupe arc so I never saw for myself the full force of Illumi’s creepiness. Still, I’d pick Illumi since he seems to have little to balance out the creeptasticness.

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  3. I’d say the scariest of the two is Illumi. While Itachi at least cares enough for his brother for there to be some form of loving relationship there, Killua could never love his brother. My reasoning behind this, apart from the obvious that he’s a psychopath stalker creep, is that Illumi is the metaphorical embodiment of Killua’s fear.

    While Killua tries to repress his anxieties, when they take over he hallucinates Illumi’s face and voice. Illumi *is* fear itself. And when he feigns caring about his brother, I think that comes from a desire to control him, to be the only one who has power over him, as Gon and Hisoka both do in one respect or another. But far from seeing Gon’s love as a kind of power, it seems he sees Gon’s potential to break Killua as the true threat. The more you look into his character, the scarier he becomes. And don’t even get me started on his acupuncture-pin shape-shifting disguise.

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  4. The Battledome series was something that I was looking forward to for a long time, and now that I’m reading this, it’s more amazing than I imagined it to be. Good job!

    Now for the vote, I think I will vote for Illumi this time, because no how we see it, Itachi never gives off a vibe like Illumi, which sometimes forces me to visualise myself in Killua’s shoes, and trust me that is never a good idea. Whenever I think about Illumi, the only thing I can think of is the extreme amount of fear, but when it’s Itachi, emotions like self-sacrifice, love and pain is also there with the pain. So yeah, I think Illumi is more suited for the scarier aneki title.

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  5. Illumi is insane, but I think he’ll win against Itachi just because he doesn’t care about anything else, whereas Itachi (I love him!) cares deeply about others that he’ll sacrifice himself. Itachi’s motivation is more about love for his brother while Illumi is more of an obsession.

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