Otabek Altin’s Flight from Inferiority – OWLS YOI Post

Сәлем! Gorgeous ladies and gentlemen!

It’s my turn for this month’s OWLS blog tour focusing on the anime, Yuri!!! On Ice!

OWLS Blog tour theme for February
OWLS Blog tour theme for February


@Kat13Sade did a nice post about the Diversity and Normalization of LGBTQ Community from the last stop, so in case you missed it, feel free to take a quick detour and share your thoughts about her post.

For those who are reading this part, then let’s get moving and set our attention to this post’s focus,


A quick look at Otabek’s background:

He’s popularized as Kazakhstan’s hero having been able to exhibit stellar achievements in figure skating across different competitions (bronze at Worlds, silver at Skate America and gold at the NHK Trophy).

Prior to his rise in popularity, Otabek had his own share of hardships during his younger years. He trained under Yakov (Yurio’s present coach) in Russia before moving to America and Canada all for the sake of becoming  better.

The Shackles of Inferiority

I dare say Otabek did feel inferior.  He knew at a young age that there were more talented ice skaters around the world – natural talents who were groomed to become their generation’s next champions.

His home country wasn’t particularly a powerhouse in the sport too. Compared to Russia and Canada, Kazakhstan was quite an underdog candidate to grab the top coveted six spots for the finals held in Barcelona.

In the series, it seemed like Otabek was the very first Kazakh representative who managed to secure a spot for the competition.

This wouldn’t have been possible if he allowed the initial feelings of inferiority to destroy his morale and love for the sport. Whereas others might have given up on their dream, Otabek faced reality head on and make-do of the resources and time he had to practice, practice and practice.

Yuri Plisetsky as Otabek’s unspoken, welcome insecurity  – #GOALS

Can you imagine Otabek on social media?

Because I can.

I’m seeing him on Twitter and Instagram posting Yurio’s graceful gifs and photos using  #GOALS #IceSkatingMotivation with sunglasses emoji on the caption.

Thankfully, he doesn’t share Pichit’s social media swag.

We’ve seen a quick flashback on how they first met – with Yurio and his ballet posture that could shame us all and Otabek’s stark admiration to the younger Russian prodigy.

Otabek hasn’t said anything about it directly, but in one way or another, the sight of Yurio in all his innocent gracefulness at a very young age spurred a feeling of insecurity for what Otabek never had – natural skills.

But apparently, he was already cool when he was a kid. His awareness of their skill difference didn’t affect his perception of his self-worth.

Otabek be like:

Fine. He’s better at this.  But this is not yet over. Now moving on.

He might have not bagged any medal during the finals, but the fact that he ranked higher than Pichit and Cris is something you can’t just ignore given the two’s stellar performances and skills. That, in itself, is already a huge achievement.

So what can this outcome mean for Otabek?

  1. Satisfaction & continued pursuit to become better
  2. Increased ambition bordering to greed

Given his healthy friendship with Yurio and the rest, I’m seeing him taking the path of the first probable scenario, but then again, you can never tell.

After all, one can’t simply underestimate the hunger of a skilled competitor to be recognized as number 1.

For bloggers, dreamers, OWLS

I can’t speak for everyone but I bet we all have had that moment when we felt inferior or insecure about something we want to have or do but just can’t.

Scenarios like…

“I want to stick to the three-times-a-week blog publishing schedule!”  – But who am I kidding? It’s not feasible with my schedule.

“We can do it. I’m optimistic.”  – Actually, I’m not sure.

“I should probably write a Viktor and Yuri-centered topic for February blog tour post. It’s Valentine’s after all.”  – YOU HAVE OPTIONS, Venus! And you like Otabek so what are you talking about?

I mean, Otabek’s character is highly relatable at some point. But unlike him, not everyone can immediately decide to do something and pursue it at all cost. And I’m not saying we all should. We all have our own, distinct reasons.


FLIGHT is a course open to anyone. It’s not exclusive to a certain group, nationality, beliefs or gender and is not dependent on resource availability or geographical advantage.

Otabek never allowed his circumstance to dictate the course of his career. He accepted what he can’t have and worked with what he had.

I guess we could learn a thing or two from that.

And that ends my blog entry for OWLS February tour! Naja B. is up next on the 20th so stay tuned!

If you missed the previous ones or want to mark your calendars for the rest of the entries this month, here’s the full list of schedule.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Сау болыңыз!


I actually took Buzzfeed’s Yuri!!! On Ice quiz last December and look who I got!


…Explains why my ultimate bias is Yuri Plisetsky. LOL! 






42 thoughts on “Otabek Altin’s Flight from Inferiority – OWLS YOI Post”

  1. Otabek is one character I really wanted to see have more screen time. This feeling was only reinforced when I rewatched the series. While most of the characters I felt gave us enough to really get a feel for them, he’s still a bit of a mystery other than his obvious dedication to self-improvement.
    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is one I am almost certain will get a second season. I’m not sure it needed one (given I’m perfectly happy with the story we got), but I’m going to be thrilled to see these characters again so I’ll just be happy about it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post, Venus! Otabek is a character that quietly charming and he made a lasting impression on me with the how powerful his limited presence in the narrative was.

    His struggle and success is loudly implied rather than shoved in our faces and you’re absolutely right that he’s quite an inspiring figure.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I remember your Buzzfeed character results, but I think you did a great job in choosing one of the secondary characters to focus on. I love Otabek. He’s such a quiet and unassuming, but a surprisingly strong presence in the series. I admire his strength of mind when dealing with what could’ve been overwhelmingly talented skaters surrounding him. But he just focused on himself, improving on his skills, and creating his own style in the process. He’s not emulating others, he’s skating for himself and I love that. I wish I could be as strong as him. I want to be as mentally strong as him. He’s awesome. I think that inferiority complex is a major theme throughout Yuri on Ice. Yuri suffers with it to a great cost, even Yurio to some degree. Otabek briefly felt it but didn’t let it get him down. He’s actually stronger than Yuri. He just continued what he was doing. Great post, Venus. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post!

    I really related to Otabek. Clawing his way up to be a contender despite lacking natural talent is just so inspirational. It’s a shame he only placed fourth despite not making a single mistake in either program, but beating out Pichit and Chris is still a great feat. We can all learn from his tenacity and amazing attitude.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah…well…I guess the judges (creators) have something planned out. The inability to bring home a medal will be a bigger motivation for Otabek to come back stronger next season. (If ever there’s another season coming up.)

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Sorry for the late comment dear >.< I wanted to see more screen time of Otabek he was a handsome fellow. I loved your post was exploring his passion, determination that steamed him through his rough patches. His friendship with yurio is precious I love it. Awesome post Venus dear !!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I can completely relate to how Otabek felt inferior when he was younger, especially when they mentioned ballet. I have danced my entire life, and just like in figure skating, ballet has fierce competition. It is all about being naturally talented and disciplined. If you don’t have this gift at a young age, it is very difficult to get into the world of ballet. It is also really bad for one’s self esteem. I started serious, traditional ballet when I was in high school, but my class was full of middle schoolers who could dance circles around me. It was very frustrating, but I had to tell myself that I was still a good dancer, just in my own way. Otabek did the same thing with his figure skating. He tried doing things his own way, and ended up being very successful and hero to his country. It shows that never giving up pays off, and it makes me respect Otabek so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! You dance ballet? That’s so cool! You’re not the first one who can relate to Otabek’s struggles, and it’s good to know you’re able to keep going and keep a solid mentality to continue dancing. Dancing is a beautiful art. It deserves more passionate people like you keeping it alive! God bless!

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Otabek is someone to be inspired by for exactly all those reasons you pointed out 💖
    I hope to learn with him, because he never quit, he never gave up, which is like Yuri, who was also not blessed with talent, just lots of practicing to get to where he was.
    I hope s2 brings him back, I need more of him and all the others 😭🙏
    Funny, my buzzeed results were Yurio xP

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Man, he’s one hard worker, that’s for sure. All this talk about inspiration and competition really makes me want to tackle blogging head on. But then, like you mentioned, it’s kinda hard to do. I can TOTALLY see Otabek behaving that way on social media, haha! He always seemed like that one seemingly perfect religious jock figure we all have in our lives. Otabek was such a neat guy–I only wish he was introduced earlier! Great job, Venus~!

    Liked by 1 person

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