5 Sizzling Hot Male Redheads with an Attitude

I can’t believe my comeback post is all about anime guys. Hot guys. With red hair.

I know. Very uncreative!

But it’s summer! And with all the chaos dominating the recent local news in our country, the mood and atmosphere can probably be best represented in bright shades of orange and red.  More ‘red’ considering the intensity.

And given that I’m particularly stuck in last year’s anime lineup (and haven’t moved an episode since last month), I can’t be choosy with a topic.

I do want to acknowledge @Kinoreviews  and @SamUnsheathed  for the blog topic ideas, though. Those ideas have been noted and scheduled sometime next month. Thanks, guys!

So going back, there’s red and summer heat plus heightened alertness – a terrible combination especially when thoughts of Abarai Renji and his sinfully artistic tattoos somehow comes to mind. (Leave me away, Renji!)

But here it is – a full lineup of sizzling hot male redheads who are begging to be written down because they’re now starting to …distract me. (As they always did when I’m watching their series)

Here we go…

Mikoto Suoh of K-Project

If I name a song to my fictional relationship with Suoh, it will probably be  ‘Playing with Fire’ by the Korean girl group BlackPink.

No, really. I’ll never see fire in anime without thinking of Suoh. There are tons of fire wielders out there starting off with Recca Hanabishi and his 8 fire dragons. Then there’s the mighty ojii-sama Genryuusai Yamamoto from Bleach whom I highly respect.

But Suoh wields fire in such a beautiful, effortless, captivating manner that you’ll think it’s naturally a part of his fashion sense.

And let’s not start debating about his looks because he’s a real knockout. He’s the Red Clan’s king, with a red hair plus an attitude of a legit gangster boss.

Abarai Renji of Bleach

It must be the tattoos, the untamed red hair that needs to ALWAYS be tied in a PONYTAIL because letting it loose is just so unforgivably distracting to captain Byaku – to the viewers’ focus. (No. I’m not shipping them. Ignore me.)

And the black shinigami robe isn’t helping. Not at all. Not when it’s designed to confront us all with the fact Renji’s clearly athletic too. It wouldn’t hurt his battle skills if he learns to tighten it up a bit, really.

But setting Renji’s killer physique aside, he’s mainly unforgettable for his rash, loud personality and evident inclination to engage in a good deal of combat. Why is he even in the 6th when the 11th squad has open doors? It couldn’t be because of Byakuya, right?

Marian Cross of D. Gray-Man

Absence makes the heart go fonder. There might be a statistically very little chance that Marian Cross can make a mark. He’s always out there doing something and we don’t see him often. But
his absence for some reason has its own appeal and his old sense of fashion is not doing anything to mask the oozing charisma he graces us all in each appearance.

I refuse to swoon over Marian Cross. I will never ever do that….Okay I’ll try  not to do that!

But let’s face it. Red hair, top-notch exorcism prowess, an air of mystery and solid male charisma? Boy, Cross-shishou won’t even have to lift a finger to build his own cult!

Hisoka of Hunter X Hunter

Orange hair or red or maybe something in between, I don’t care. My eyes see red. Or perhaps this is Hisoka playing tricks again. When did he not?

I find it difficult to define Hisoka’s complex line of thinking in one word. And perhaps I shouldn’t dare because the more I think about it, the more it becomes complicated.

He’s not even the main guy in the show. So what is he doing stealing the spotlight every time he appears? For one he is strong – deadly strong. Two, he’s dangerous and unpredictable. Three his motives and loyalties are always questionable. Four, he’s not easy to befriend.  Five, well..his looks.

Hisoka is the boss of his own world. He might cooperate, but you can never expect him to commit. He is smart, I’ll give him that. I like smart.

But is he hot? You bet.

Zelman Clock of Black Blood Brothers

I like vampires. And Zelman’s that perfect image of a fanged bad boy with style. He  may look like your boy next door, but don’t be fooled.

He’s a vampire boss. And not just any ordinary boss. He comes from the bloodline of the great warrior Asura and is known as a legend for being the bearer of god’s flame. He’s a ruler of his own coven and one of the four heads of affiliate houses in the Special Zone.

Zelman can be wild. He values freedom and individuality. Dangerous, yes. Powerful, yes. But he’s always got a soft spot for honesty and cheerfulness. What’s not to love?

So there! I’m back. And while I’m not making any commitments, I’ll do my best to post 1 entry a week.

Who’s your bet among the redheads on the list?  Feel free to share your own nominees! (I am still distracted even after writing this post! Way to go, Abarai!)


17 thoughts on “5 Sizzling Hot Male Redheads with an Attitude”

  1. Even though I am a guy and would rather have seen a post of 7 sizzling hot female redheads with an attitude (lol 😂), you are forgiven 😊 Looking through this list it also makes me realise that instead of catching up with anime, I am falling farther and farther behind, with quite a lot of these series that I still haven’t seen yet. Great post though, in case you were wondering 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, you just wait @Raistlin0903…I do have a list of fem redheads too! Just have’t got the time to write individual descriptions yet, but yes I’ll share the list soon. Thank you for dropping by! (And I’m pretty sure we’re not the only ones who’s been lagging behind.)

      Liked by 2 people

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