HEADS-UP: Content Transfer for the Anime Review Section

Hi everyone!

Just dropping by to inform you guys that I will be deleting some entries from the Reviews page from this site.

It won’t affect all anime reviews I did for this blog, though. But select anime series which I consider as my favorite picks will now be transferred/ reviewed at REVIEWERS CAMP.

I did mention in my 2017 blogging preview that I’ll create a platform for bloggers and writers and that’s the one I just mentioned.

A formal announcement is supposed to happen for that blog, but there’s so much going on and things just have to be written down so I’ll reserve a special post about it at a later time.

For now, you can head over to the site (a premature one at that) and maybe click on follow!

We’re soon opening doors for contributors as we’ll love to read reviews from you all. We will get to the specifics later.

-End of Report-

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