Touching Base: What I’m Currently Doing When I’m Not Blogging

I’m pretty much doing fine,  that’s for sure!

But it’s been tough lately not just because I haven’t had the time to watch any series, but because some personal, work-related things happen that just demanded my urgent attention.

  1. Job transition – something that involves dealing with authors, which spells out hours spent on meetings & conversation.
  2. Reviewers Camp – Ah yes, my new baby. It needs nurturing to grow and that what I’m doing.
  3. Overseas trip – Will reveal the destination at a later post, but yes, preparations need to be made, and the like.

So here I am, writing this short post to touch base with you all and say hi!

I will most likely spend reading other blog posts than writing my own entries so expect me dropping comments here and there!

Ja ne!

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