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‘Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai – The Clouds Gather’ Theme Song is a Legit Tear-jerker!

It is.

Last January 30, Blue Lynx dropped another teaser of the upcoming (and their very first) BL film, The Clouds Gather, accompanied by its official theme song which literally hits you straight in the feels!

Go listen: (starts at 0:36 but 1:00 is the killer!)

It’s an earworm –  one I can’t stop listening to. It’s been in the loop on my Spotify playlist ever since it dropped and I’m still not over it! And yes, I’m now listening to the song while writing.

I have recently read the manga, and while drama is a recurring (though minor) theme in the story, I wasn’t expecting it to feel so….hurtful, for the lack of a better term. And it’s all because of THIS SONG!

The song is entitled ‘Moratorium’ by Omoinotake.

Check the full song on Spotify: