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2nd Battledome: Makkachin VS Karupin – The Pet Who Gets More Love

What happened to the one battledome entry per month commitment? I know. Forgive me.

Anyway, I have the numbers and the one who bagged the win for the ‘Scarier aniki’ title on our first battledome is Illumi Zoldyck of Hunter X Hunter!

He deserves it.  Thanks for all who voted and shared their thoughts!

So two weeks ago, Light, one of my cats, passed away. And it became the inspiration for this 2nd battledome post.

It wasn’t surprising. We knew his days are numbered. But I still couldn’t help but feel sad about his passing.

Pets are lovely creatures. You lie to people, you sometimes lie to friends, but you NEVER lie to pets. EVER! How dare you!

Anyway, there are tons of reasons why we just find it hard not to adore lovely pets.  They’re a ball of innocence and honesty, a bunch of little creatures who sometimes feel like they exist to be served.

They are lovely in real life, so as in the anime world. And today’s picks for our  2nd battledome are two balls of cuteness from two notable sports anime series!

Makkachin of Yuri!!! On Ice VS Karupin of Prince of Tennis

What makes them standout pets in the animal kingdom?

  • They’re owned by champions. Good-looking, over-confident champions.  
    • Makkachin is raised by the Russian ice skating legend, Viktor Nikiforov.


  • Karupin is raised by the young Japanese world tennis champion, Ryoma Echizen.

  • Putting them in danger brings chaos to everyone in the series.
    • Viktor had to leave Yuri on his own just to fly back to Japan to join the rest in tending to Makkachin’s untimely hospitalization caused by not following instructions.
    • The whole Seigaku team had to exhaust their efforts and cancel out plans just to help Ryoma find Karupin who had the nerve to go exploring around town and campus.

What qualities make them different from each other?

  • Makkachin’s innocence vs Karupin’s curiosity
    • While Makkachin seems like the dog whose totally incapable of committing evil, Karupin’s more like on the experimental side who doesn’t care much on the implication.
  • Makkachin’s need for affection vs. Karupin’s love for independence
    • Makkachin likes to cuddle. Karupin doesn’t mind cuddling if it’s Ryoma. But his tendency to sneak out clearly spells something of his independent character.
  • Makkachin’s people skills vs Karupin’s trust issues
    • Whereas Makkachin easily befriends everyone who belongs to Viktor’s circle, Karupin doesn’t seem like the pet you can easily get along with if you don’t prove yourself worthy.

Who gets more love between the two?

I honestly can’t tell! I’ve watched both series and these adorable pets are lovely in their own ways. Their owners love them, the other characters love them and the fandom loves them!

I am more biased to Karupin and I do think Ryoma adores him to the core. But since Makkachin gets more airtime on average, it’s easy to see how much attention is showered upon him by Viktor, Yuuri and the rest.

Who has seen both series? Any thoughts on who among these two gets more love? Let’s start counting the votes!